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Hello lovelies, today's #FNFN is Split wrote and directed by M.Night Shyamalan.

SPLIT 2016 (Trailer) -

Ok so I know a lot of people are going mad at this film saying that this is not how people with multiple personality disorders are or the proper term dissociative identity disorder, obviously not, it's a film! They are going to exaggerate things like everything on the TV does so the review...

Kevin who is played by James McAvoy who played a magnificent part by the way is a man with 24 separate and distinctive personalities ranging from a woman, a child, a gay fashion designer, a man with OCD and the last one the beast which isn't unveiled till near the end of the film. Kevin, well Kevins alter ego Dennis kidnaps three young girls one morning Casey, Claire and Marcia and takes them to an underground lair.

Kevin was abused as a child which made him develop these 24 personalities and it shows through out the film that he sees his Psychiatrist Dr Fletcher who can usually tell the difference between Kevin's personalities that so when she finds out about three young girls missing she suspects it has something to do with one of Kevin's alter egos. Dr Fletcher also tried very hard to help Kevin and get his disorder well known as people didn't believe in it. 

The film was hard to watch in parts, Casey one of the teenage girls was abused by her uncle you don't see scenes of this nature but it's brought up to know what happened, the beast likes this about Casey as they share each others pain, the beast believes that the 'untouched' the people that haven't been through pain and torture have impure hearts through not going through suffer in their lives and the troubled people are pure and exceptional. I don't want to say too much about this bit with out giving the film away.

James really did play exceptionally well through all his personalities how he could turn from a 9 year old boy Hedwig with a lisp to an OCD man who likes watching young girls dance in their underwear?! The girls also acted amazingly more so Casey played by Anya Taylor Joy. Split is under the genre horror, I would say psychological thriller as it wasn't scary but there was definitely thrilling scenes through out.

All the story elements through out the film is what makes you hooked to the film, it's a ride worth taking and it gets deeper every ten to fifteen minutes. This film has actually made me want to watch all of Shyamalans films I've seen majority of them with out even realising the director, when I was younger I never appreciated the directors so never looked them up but a couple of my favourites being The Sixth Sense and Signs I also enjoyed The Visit. 

I would highly recommend giving this a watch if you're into those type of films, the unnatural, mystical and thriller. 


Bruce Willis was sitting in the diner at the end of the film, I was like WTF is he doing there but apparently this film is meant to coincide with one of Shyamalans previous films Unbreakable? If you're a saddo like me who googles film ending meanings like me you can see lots of Youtube answers which did make sense in the end now I need to see the film. 

Have you seen this film? I'd love to know your reviews if you have in the comments.


  1. Hey I haven't seen it! I just started watching the Netflix series riverdale xxx

  2. I've not seen it or heard of it until now oops! I think people will always have a view on a film when it is about such a sensitive subject x

  3. I've never heard of this before! It sounds like a fab film xx

  4. It sounds good! Never heard of it before though x

  5. I really enjoyed the film and I really think James McAvoy transcended his previous roles and really challenged himself and it paid off! Found Casey's flashback scenes so sad and uncomfortable to watch simply because from the word go you just knew where it was going and it was SO tough.

    Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  6. I haven't heard of this film before!


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