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Hello lovelies, today I'm going to talk to you about an amazing app we got sent to review it is available on the google play store, amazon and iOS store. For just £8 you can buy all the stages of the app or you can just buy a few stages for less money, I would highly recommend going for all the stages though!

Here demonstrates learning the 'buh' b sound.

So once you get on to the app once you've purchased how many stages you would like to pay four you get greeted with four different islands, starting with the first island on your left 'water world' it starts of with the easier fonics and the islands get harder and harder. You have to complete the first one in the island first though to unlock the other letters which I think is a great idea, Oscar has had so much fun on this app and that's the best thing about it, the children have so much fun on this app they don't ever realise they are learning. 

I've been practising fonics with Oscar for a while now but he has much preferred this method and he is progressing so much more in school with going on this also, Oscar loves going on his tablet after school so I've come with the compromise half an hour of what he wants on there then half an hour on his learning app 'read with fonics' which he is more than ok with. His teacher said how impressed she was with him the other day reading full sentences and noticing so many words on the wall just by saying out the letters then forming a word with it, I have to thank this app very much for that, he's doing amazingly well.

His nan is over the moon with him that she's even bought the app on her tablet also so he can learn whilst he's at his Nans as he stops there every Friday night so he is constantly learning his fonics. You can find out loads more about 'Read with Fonics' on their website here. I've recommended to the school in getting this into the school in some way, I know some schools have tablets so this would be great for them learning whilst having lots of fun. 

Here demonstrates putting the letters together to form the word bat whilst saying the letter a loud and forming that sentence.

I've even took ideas from the app and made it into paper so he can start to write the words too but don't want to push him too much when he is doing so well with his reading. I've inserted a little video of Oscar playing on the app excuse the loud Paw Patrol in the background my youngest was watching it, he turned the volume up and threw the remote somewhere the cheeky monkey but hope you can get a little more understanding of it in our little clip. 

If your little one is getting to the stage where they are learning there fonics or learning to read I really would highly recommend checking this out, you and your kids will love it.

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