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The Lion Guard Talking Kion £24.99

Hello lovelies, today I have for you another toy review, this super cute talking plush toy Kion from the Disney Jr programme The Lion Guard, are you and your kids loving this?

Oscar and Lawson love watching this together, Lawson loves watching all the animals and loves Kion the most, we have toy characters also they play with a lot and love this toy they received not so long ago so they was over the moon to get this plush toy sent also. Oscar isn't really into his soft toys anymore he only sleeps with his favourite one but Lawson loves his cuddly friends. 

He has really took a liking to Kion and loves pressing his button at night when he goes to bed and he laughs so much when the ROAR bit comes on because he will look at me with this funny look he does and say roar then I do it and he giggles for ages its so cute, he also says other phrases from the programme. It lights up as well which I think lawson likes when the lights go out at bed time. He his supper cuddly and his fluffy orange hair on top, it has great attention to detail in the embroidery.

They also do other characters and they have their own phrases, I'm sure Lawson would love a selection of these but Kion is his favourite on the show, he gets so excited when he comes on the screen and shouts roar. I was always a big fan of The lion king and I quite enjoy the spin of version with this, the animals are so cute and its a really easy watch, the best bit is you get to enjoy a warm cuppa whilst the kids are enjoying it too. 


  1. This is so cute! My nephews & nieces all love The Lion King! xx


  2. How cute is this, I'd love this for myself xx
    Lauren Catherine

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