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50 facts about me.

Hello again lovelies, as i haven't blogged in a while i thought i would give you two posts tonight and promise i will blog more now! So here is 50 facts about me and maybe you will know a bit more about me then.

  1. I am 22 years old
  2. My middle name is Sarah
  3. My birthday is the 11th of November
  4. My favorite colour is pale yellow
  5. My favorite flower's are tulip's
  6. I am the softest person ever, i cry at adverts!
  7. I am so scared of out of date potatoes you know when they grow those weird things?
  8. I am also scared of the dark, i know big baby
  9. I am half Irish
  10. I am naturally blonde
  11. I have a massive phobia of midgets, sorry i have no idea why?!
  12. I have no confidence, believe it or not!
  13. I am 5ft 8
  14. My favorite film is Finding Nemo amongst alot.
  15. I love Yankee candles, make-up, lush, nail varnish, hair extensions, diet coke and a few more things.
  16. My kitchen cupboards are like sleeping with the enemy! (OCD)
  17. My current fave yankee candle is Summer Scoop
  18. I get really random outbursts from time to time
  19. When i dance i think i'm professional
  20. I won a singing competion when i was 7 singing reach for the stars lol
  21. My favorite thing from lush is the Comfortor bath melt
  22. I have seen and spoken to a ghost before
  23. To do with my last one i am into spiritual things
  24. i buy glamour every month without fail and still haven't got a subscription
  25. I could eat a box of pringles to myself in less than half an hour.
  26. My son is the best thing that's ever happend to me
  27. I have a love/hate relationship with my boyfriend lol
  28. I would like a daighter in the future when Oscars 3 maybe
  29. My eye colour is green
  30. I have way to many freckles
  31. I have a mole on the right side of my face which i hate so much and try so hard to cover it up, my mum calls it a beauty spot! Cringe.
  32. i love Towie, woops and also stick up for them when my boyfriend says its fake haha
  33. I watch Corrie, Eastenders and Hollyoaks, don't judge me.
  34. I have days where I'm a complete neat freak then 2 days where my house is a mess.
  35. I can't ever seem to complete a book
  36. I never last longer than a year and a half in a job, i get bored easily?
  37. When i was little i wanted to be a vet or a fashion designer
  38. I'd still love to be a vet as i love animals but love beauty too
  39. I say what i think 
  40. I haven't gone a day since having Oscar without taking a picture of him
  41. I have atleast one cup of coffee a day
  42. I love watching beauty Youtube videos
  43. I am currently on a weightloss journey
  44. I am very impatient
  45. I'm scared of getting old but not dying.
  46. I have had depression
  47. I am a great listener who gives good advice yet never takes my own advice
  48. I love horrors but my bf doesn't and i can't watch them alone
  49. Music makes me feel so much better
  50. I have to have volume on an even number.
There was 50 facts about me, now you know a little bit more about me.
Has anyone else done this I'd love to read :)


  1. My favourite thing from Lush is the comforter too! Xx

    1. :) i just love that it's pink and smells amazing!! xx


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