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It's been a while.

Hello my lovely bloggers or just passing by readers, i'm sorry i haven't blogged in a while its been hectic recently. There was a death in the family which has been awful for me and the new puppy is driving me insane! I will have grey hairs or no hair soon! I hope everyone else is ok though! I thought i would come back to blogosphere with what i did in the bank holiday. 

Me, the Bf and baby Oscar went to Blackpool! 

We just originally planned to take Oscar to the beach seeing as the weather was so nice! So i said why don't we go to Blackpool as i had only been there the once whilst i was pregnant. Then Dan decided we should stay over the night. So that we did. If any of you have been to Blackpool you know what its all about, piers, fish and chips, beach, windy weather, arcades, full of hen do's and stag nights and i describe it as English Benidorm! Nether the less its an Ok place to go if you want to go to the beach and somewhere to go. 
Where we live (Rugeley) the weather was scorching! But it was very windy and breezy in Blackpool although the weather was bad though we still had a lovely time together. Was nice to have a little break away just the three of us.
Oscar loved it, especially the sea life centre! He loves fish, as i do i think they are so therapeutic. Blackpool's Sealife centre is pretty decent.

Daddy and Oscar Staring at the Sharks.

Me touching the Star fish. Dan's fantastic photography skills...

A pretty fish i liked.

 As the weather wasn't as we expected we didn't get to stay on the beach for too long but we had to take Oscar down there just so we could say he's been! Seeing as that was the reason we went...

He loved the sand, shame we couldn't build some castles!

Who doesn't do this when there near some sand?

Proof that it was so windy! Hence me looking awful!

Father and Son bonding.

I adore this picture so much, my world.

Overall we had a lovely couple of days in Blackpool and would defo go back when the weather is defo GOOD! The motel/hotels are so cheap as well. 

Have you been to Blackpool? What did you do this Bank holiday gone?

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