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Wonderful Wednesday.

Hello lovelies,
Half way through the week and i thought why not pamper myself luxury style tonight! As usually my boyfriend plays football Wednesday nights and Oscar goes to bed at 7 so i have  few hours of just me time! I think everyone should have at least one day of the week to have some 'me time' and relax, pamper yourself and just unwind. How ever you like to do it. My ideal 'me time' would consist of a nice hot bubbly bath preferably a lush one! With some Yankee candles lit at the side. 

Lush - Comfortor
Yankee Candles - Summer Scoop & Blissful Autumn

I then cleanse and tone my skin at the minute i am using some spot battling ones to help my unusual break out's! I do get these from time to time but it's so annoying as my skin is usually so clear then when i do get a break out it isn't just one there every where. God Damn spots! So i have been trying out Garnier's range.

Yankee Candles, Bioderma, Garnier - Spot Stress Control daily scrub, Garnier - Spot stress control cleanser 3 in 1, Face mask, Radial - Snake Serum, Nuxe face,body and hair oil, Monu - Moisturiser, Monu -eye gel and  Garnier - Intensive 7 day body moisturiser.

After i have cleansed and toned my skin when i'm treating my self to 'me time' i like to try different face masks tonight i tried Montagne Jeunesse - Green Tea Peel off mask.

Excuse my non make up face state.

You can't really tell i have a face mask on in the picture but i have trust me, it's like one of those see through ones. I'm not really a fan of the peel of masks but i know green tea is good for your insides so must be good for your outside too right? It did leave my skin feeling uber soft! Which was ready for me to try out a sample i have had hoarded away for a few weeks the Radial Snake serum. I was abit dubious to try this from the name but as soon as it touched my skin it just glided all over lovely! It says it helps with wrinkles i haven't noticed any wrinkles yet but why not try something new anyway. Also the nuxe is a sample from an old beauty box and this is also divine! I am already thinking of repurchasing this in a bigger bottle once i'm all out of this! Although such a tiny bit goes a really long way! It smells completely fine and feels so nice on your skin! I wouldn't recommend this if you have oily skin but i have dry/normal skin and it made my skin feel beautiful. 
I then used my Monu collagen cream/moisturiser and this just soaks into your face like a dream, also recommend this if you have dry skin its like a watering can for a plant. It just makes your skin feel so replenished and plumped. Then followed of by the Monu eye gel. Since being a mum and going to bed late and waking up early-ish my under eye bags are getting horrendous! I keep telling myself to have an early night but it never happens. 

Once i have pampered all my face i dry of everywhere else then moisture my body! If your anything like me and quite lazy with this bit in your normal routine this is the best thing you could ever buy! It usually comes in a green packaging but i love a pump so i moved it into a home made pump solution.

Garnier - Intensive 7 days Nourishing Lotion
You only have to moisturise once a week if your lazy like me in this department. How good is that?! It smells amazing of the cocoa butter and it isn't to sticky either you only need a small amount to cover different parts of your body. 

Once i have pampered everywhere i like to do my nails, that includes toe nails too can't miss them out especially now summers coming. You don't want nasty chipped toe nails in your sandals. So i did myself a little mani and pedi.

Was a tough choice

 My favorite glossy box i use to store my nail bits and bobs

Final decision for the nails was Barry M's Papaya and Blueberry

Also forgot to add this into the collection was a last minute thing.

Here is the final results...

Getting creative with polka dots.

Orange disco?

Hope you liked my pamper night lovelies and vow to yourselves ladies to have at least one night a week to pamper YOURSELF. Also if you would like to no anything about these products in more detail don't be afraid to ask :) x

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