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Diary of a NON thigh gap girl.

Hello my lovelies,
Thought i would share with you all what i get up to on a Tuesday night, it's not all that great but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Since having a baby 8 months ago now i have pretty much let myself go on the weight side of things! I could blame Oscar for my weight but he didn't force cream cakes, take aways etc down my neck whilst he was in my womb. Whilst i was pregnant i thought 'I'm fat now so i may as well eat what i like' wish i knew the consequences then! I awfully put on over 3 stone whilst pregnant! It's embarrassing, but i loved my food. So now i'm doing something about it. So I have started Weight Watchers after seeing Gregg Wallace of 'Master Chef' supposedly loosing all his weight from joining. Plus there was an offer on for £12.95 for the month which would mean i would get more more or less two weeks free! 

I have tried Slimming world but i was too naughty on it, i like the points in weight watchers which means you have to restrict yourself a little which is a good thing so you know what you have to play with. Especially if you plan your meals in advance! If you get the monthly subscription to weight watchers you get the app on your phone which is super easy to use and has helped me track all my points. 

I have only been there a week and lost 3lbs! I ate so much fruit and veg in my first week of weight watchers then i think i ever have. I need to start exercising more now and will hopefully drop more lbs off! If your on weight watchers they have lots of there own brand foods for cheaper in Iceland and Pound shops all around. I love that most of there snacks are only 2 points! I just hope this gets me on the road to a fitter me recovery! One of my friends has also joined with me this week so we can spur each other on. A great way to exercise is to get friends involved i think. Go on long walks together or a bike ride or even go to some exercise classes like step classes, zumba or swimming. I shall be doing just a little post every Tuesday from now on just to show you all my progress. I shall be a MILF! 

To keep me on track with my exercising i brought the pedometer today which counts all your steps and after a certain amount of steps you burn of you get a pro point back!

They also do the yummiest sweets for just 2 points for the WHOLE packet.

All in all it doesn't matter what shape you are, size, colour, height or hair colour...
If your comfortable as you are that's all that matters if your happy and have confidence then it doesn't matter about anyone else. Everybody is different in there own way's if we wasn't the world would be a pretty boring place! Wouldn't it? I'm not so bothered about the number on the scales i just want to feel good about myself look good in the mirror and go from a size 14/16 to a healthy 12! Never let anyone get you down about your weight though if your happy with the skin your in SOD the rest.

Hope you enjoyed this post and it didn't bore you all. Is anyone else in the blogosphere trying to loose weight, joined a 'fat club'? I would love to hear. 

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