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Recent Beauty Buys

Hello lovelies, 
Since being a mum i haven't been that much bothered about Mondays anymore every day pretty much feels the same on maternity leave! But i know some of you dread the M word. Why don't you change Monday into a day that you could like, by having a nice relaxing bath after work and pamper yourself a little or treat yourself? Just an idea :) Anyway i thought i would show you what i have brought over the past week or so.

As you can see i have mostly been buying face products, i have been addicted to buying lipstick's lately! I just seem to want every colour available. I also brought a couple new nail varnishes. Here are some more pictures and what i think of my purchases...

Botanics - Soothing eye make up remover all bright.

I'll be completely honest i invested in this because i saw it in one of 'viviannadoesmakeup' youtube videos, i didn't really need it as my Bioderma takes all my make up off but i thought i would give it ago especially if i wear some heavy eye make up on a night out or special occasion. It also says it even removes water proof make up for any skin type, it soothes the eye area and conditions your lashes so what could go wrong? It is an oily phase which should be shaken vigorously to activate the pop onto a cotton wool pad and gently swoop over your eyelids.

New lipsticks to add to my never ending collection, i just can't stop buying them! You can never have too much thought right? From left to right, 
Revlon Colour Stay - High Heels
I loved the name to this lippy aswell as the colour, its a sheer pink that would go with any look! Any outfit. Just gives a little bit of colour to your lips not being too much or not enough a nice girly baby pink. It comes in lovely packaging i love how you can see the colour through the see through lid. It also clicks when you twist the bottom for more product to come out.
Revlon Lip Butter - Creme Brulee
I love the formula of these lip butter it feels like its nourishing your lips! There's nothing worse than a drying lipstick.  I would say this colour is a peachy nude and a very natural lip colour. Again would go with any look i also love the packaging of the product it looks like candy!
Maybeline Colour Sensational - 910 Shocking Coral
By the name of the lipstick you would think WOW shock! It really is a daring pinky, reddy, orangey shade i have started being abit more braver with colours seeing as its nearly summer would look lovely with a subtle eye make up and a beautiful summer dress. I think the colour is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely finish too.

A couple foundations, the first one being a new one.

MUA Undress Your Skin - Porcelain
I heard good things about this foundation so was excited to jump on the bandwagon but i'm sadly disappointed. I can only describe it as being to wet? I couldn't really work with it and as i'm fair skinned i brought the lightest shade and it completely washed me out. Maybe if i got a darker shade it would have looked abit better but i'm not too sure. It just didn't tick my boxes. Also because it is illuminating it showed my break outs tremendously! So a defo no no for me. Sorry MUA you don't usually let me down.

Rimmel Lasting Finish - 303 True Nude
This is one of my favorite foundations! The coverage is just fantastic, covers up my nasty bits on my face and gives me a healthy dewy look. I always go from two different shades 'true nude' and 'classic beige' depending on if i have fake tan on or not! I don't no if it is 25 hour stay as i have never left my foundation on that long but it defonately lasts me all through the day. I would recommend this product if you like a good full coverage like me.

MUA Cover And Conceal - Fair

A new concealer to try out, i haven't used this on my face yet but it does come out quite thick so hopefully it will be good coverage to hide blemishes and dark under bags! Its from there new face range and i'm always one for trying something new. So looking forward to seeing how this works its magic.

Revlon Photo Ready - Coral Reef

I was actually a cream blush virgin till i brought this the other day! I am absolutely loving it too! It is so easy to apply you can't go wrong with it. You can use your fingers if your in a rush or on the go or i use my real techniques buffing brush and it goes on lovely. It is a pinky orange shade that gives a lovely flush of colour to your cheeks. I can't believe i had never used one before i want one in every shade now. From what i have seen of the Revlon ones though they only have a couple of shades so i am going to have to window shop at some other brands. I would really recommend this colour to anyone i think i would suit every skin colour and would make your cheeks look cheery and beautiful.

Boots - Facial Exfoliating Sponge

I brought this on a whim really as it was next to the botanics eye make up remover just to test it out. I haven't used it yet but curious to see if my skin will benefit in any way from it. 

And lastly a couple of nail varnishes. From left to right,
MUA - Lush Lilac 
MUA and there sneaky sneaky Essie look a like bottles it doesn't bother me but there's been abit of whowar about it! Does it really matter? There not exact copys? Just a little similar, i do think this colour is identical to Essie's Lilacism but in no way shame or form as good quality. The colour is a beautiful lilac and fab for spring and summer but it chipped awfully after just a day or two! It doesn't bother me as much as i enjoy painting my nails often but just something to bear in mind. 

MUA - Ameretto Crush
Again a beautiful shade but chipped just after a day or two. Its a lovely colour though. What do you expect for a £1 though? Such good value be rude not to. 

Maybeline Colour Show - Polka Dots
I love this nail varnish! A great way to funk up your nails on any shade! This at just £2.99 to a dupe i think for Loreals Confetti at £6.99 but currently on offer for £4.99 but Maybeline do it just as good. I have wanted this for abit and glad i have it now. This is a NOTD i did with my MUA- Ameretto Crush And Maybeline's - Polka dots...

Hope you liked my little haul and aren't having too much of a bad monday! 
If you want to ask about any of these products feel free.
Thanks for reading

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