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Hello lovelies, yesterday the weather was horrendous to say the least, we couldn't go out in it at all so I thought I would make Oscar a handmade scrapbook/folder and Oscar could so some art work to go into it. I got the supplies for it all Saturday luckily and had plenty of snacks in to keep us going so we had fun with some stamp kits, stickers, felt tips and crayons. 

Oscar really enjoyed the stamp kits and getting messy, we did hand and foot prints and got straight into the bath afterwards as I was worried it might stain his hands, then we got sticking his favorite characters out of his magazines on to bits of paper afterwards. I got his initials from Hobby Craft a while ago and thought what to do with them so I stuck them on the front of a bright green folder and have made him a little scrapbook/folder, basically a folder full of memories to look back on. Whilst Oscar was doing his art work I started writing about places we have been whilst he's been two and what he has learnt so far, so once we go somewhere again or he learns something new I can pop it in there, so it's great to look back on.  

I really enjoyed our little arts and crafts play time, we do a lot of colouring and things but it was nice to do something together and for Oscar to have something to look back on when he's older and I will definitely be doing one for his little brother too. 

Have you and your little one made a scrapbook, if so what have you put in it so far?

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