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Hello lovelies, I was going to do a 'What Oscar got for Christmas' post but that would have took me a very long time! He was very spoilt this Christmas and didn't know what to play with first, however since Christmas this toy he has not stopped playing with and absolutely loves it. Dan's mum got him this amongst a hell of a lot more, his play room is full to the brim of toys and it looks like a bomb has hit it most days, as I am currently nesting at the minute I have to just shut the door and leave the cleaning until he's gone to bed. 

I love how colorful it is, it has three slides for the little cars to go down, it came with two cars a blue and a purple one with a boy and a girl. He loves watching the cars go down and seeing which slide they go down and says wow, cool bless him. What I remember of it though it wasn't that that easy to assemble unless his Granddad had one too many larger's at Christmas dinner aha, but he was getting a little frustrated with it in the living room so make sure you have someone who is good with a screwdriver and screws as I would be rubbish at putting this together alone, me and anything DIY with screws is not my forte. 

I was really struggling with what to get Oscar for Christmas as he has always had lots of toys and I just can't help but spoil him through out the week so if anyone can help me with presents for the future I'd be really appreciative and I doubt the new baby will need many new toys aha. 

What did your little ones get for Christmas and what have they loved playing with the most?

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