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Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107 £5.49

I am late to the bandwagon with this lipstick, like I am usually with everything but I have seen this be a very iconic lipstick on the blog scene and I can finally see why, another reason I am late to the party is because I am not really one for red lips but near winter I seem to love them. I think this shade is perfect for the winter months, it is a very dark deep berry red, its stunning and the pigmentation is amazing.

I put this on at like 11am, through copious amounts of tea/coffee and water AND eating it has stayed put all day! No bleeding at all or red lipstick on my chin, teeth upper lip etc either. I am super impressed, to make it look a lot more neater and stay put even longer you could pair it with a red lip liner but I never bother with lip liners, how not so beauty blogger of me.

The lipstick is matte but has more of a 'velvet' finish and I have to say it is very nice on the lips considering its matte, it goes so smoothly on your lips, it doesn't dry them out at all and it just really compliments my fair skin, I feel like snow white when I wear a red lip, but a red lip suits every skin tone going you just have to get the right tone of red I think. The red packaging is also lovely, very chic and doesn't look like a usually cheap lipstick packaging. If your not one for a standard red and like a bit of a darkness to it then you will love this shade.

I usually say have you tried out this shade but I should really ask who hasn't got or tried this?

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