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Frozen at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge - Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 February 2015

Hello lovelies, so a week or so ago we went to a reindeer lodge about twenty minutes away from where we live as we found out they had a Frozen event going on, Oscar loves Frozen and I'm not going to deny that I have a lot of love for it too. I think I was more excited than Oscar when Dan told me about it, he is working on a farm near there and spotted the sign and knew it would be a perfect family day out, that it was!

We started the day of by feeding the gorgeous reindeer's, I really wanted to take them all home, they were so soft and cuddly, so approachable and Oscar loved them too, we fed them moss and made our way around the lodge. We found a cool little ti-pee but it smelt awful so I let the boys play in there for a bit whilst I stood with the reindeer's some more.

We then made our way to the barn where Oscar met Anna and Elsa and we did a 'Do you want a build a snowman' edible activity, it was basically making Olaf out of marshmallows and bits of fruit and chocolate, I think this was Oscars favorite thing out of all the activities aha and Dan shared it with him too! Once we made an Olaf and he got demolished Oscar and Dan made their way to the sleigh ride que, I had my camera in hand waiting for them to come round and took a couple of snaps but my camera was not playing ball this day at all, I tried to make a little vlog but my battery died as well as being a douche so apologies for that but I could still try and upload the little footage I have and put it on Youtube, hopefully our next family vlog will go a lot better!

Then lastly we finished the day off with a lovely light lunch in their cafe and a sing a long at the end singing, where the entertainers sang really beautifully actually, the lady who was Anna actually sounded a little bit like her, they put a lot of effort into the event which definitely showed and a lot of helpful staff through out the day. I would highly recommend checking them out if they were to do it again and I will definitely be going back there to stroke the reindeer again, there just gorgeous.

Are you a Frozen fan or luckily live near to a reindeer lodge?

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