4 February 2015


Barry M Limited edition in Carousel 

Hello lovelies, today I have another Barry M polish to grace my blog because there just amazing. They are super affordable like I have said before and come in so many shades and finishes, I am really looking forward to their new collection that is coming out soon, all of the pastels look amazing and they dry quick? 

But today I have a gorgeous coral with a stunning shimmer to it but the shimmer inside it is quite subtle which I like, it really makes my nails shine, can you see how glossy they look when the sun hits them, they don't chip and I only apply two coats to make them really opaque and don't even bother with a top coat, shh. 

I also love the cute love heart top, makes it really girly and would be perfect for a valentines gift if it wasn't limited edition aha, I don't know if they still have this in store but they always bring out stunning limited edition shades and I am a sucker for buying them and I am sure they have a colour similar to this in their standard ranges. 

What do you think to this limited edition nail polish by Barry M? 

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