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Hello lovelies, today I have a review on another local business in my area, the lovely Louise asked if I'd like my nails doing to share and celebrate her one year anniversary at her shop Hair By Lou, you can see her Facebook page here where she shows all her creative work and also her apprentice Imogens hard work also, her apprentice Imogen gave me a lovely blow dry after I got my nails did.

On the left is Louise the owner and her apprentice Imogen.

Here are a few shots of her salon and a before and after picture of my blow dry, as you can see my hair looks amazing after the blow-dry, Louise was very well at helping Imogen out and stepped in a few times to show her how to create a curl blow dry to give my hair some movement, texture and volume. Imogen also popped a cute little plait in my hair que the selfie.

I was going to watch James Bay this night so my hair was very festival ready I loved it, Imogen is very good at plaits and does a service at the salon for just £5! If you check out Louise's Facebook page above you will see all her work, she is also doing free blow drys to train herself up. Louise is also very good at plaits, here is some work she did the other day, how gorgeous?!

Now the nails, Louise hasn't been doing nails for long but you wouldn't of been able to tell she looked like a natural, I picked a gorgeous nude shade in the gel polish, I'd never had gel polish on my own nails before only acrylics, I am permanently staying away from acrylics from now on they just seem to really damage my nails so to keep my nail varnish on longer and help them look shinier and stronger I'm going to stick with the gel polish. 

Hair by Lou's is a very warming place, she is a lovely down to earth lady and very easy to talk to, she has her daughter around helping after school, always nice to see a friendly face and makes it more comfortable to take your children if your sitter has let you down, I know its a struggle finding some time to yourself with children but it is such comfortable surroundings you would be fine taking your little ones in there s they will have a lovely little girl to talk to also. 

P.S The coffee is pretty good too! 

To make the post a little more personal I asked Louise a few questions...

1. What made you go into hairdressing?
My mom was a hairdresser, did friends and family at home when I was little so I've always been around it.

2. When did you start hairdressing?
I went into hairdressing as an apprentice straight from school.

3. What made you open up your shop and how does it feel after having it a whole year now?
After closing my first salon Lou's Loc's six years ago I was always destined to open my own salon again, I can't believe Hair by Lou is a year already, it's gone so fast. I just feel like me in my own salon it doesn't even feel like work, I love hair it's my passion.

4. How do you find running a business along side being a mum?
It is very challenging being a working mum and running a business salon side being a mom. I've found even bigger challenges but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love my family, my life and my business. 

I have loved reviewing some local businesses out round my area as it is only a small town but some cracking businesses! Such lovely people also behind the shop doors, if you are ever around my area be sure to tweet/facebook/email some lovely places to go! What is also lovely about Louise is she actually has other peoples work advertised in her own salon, I think that is so lovely, you don't see that very often but always nice to help people out! 

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