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Mr Nutcase Beach Towel £24.95*

Hello lovelies, so today I have for you a gorgeous beach towel of my beautiful babies on! Mr Nutcase have brought out this new service, not only do they do personalised phone cases, mugs, tablet cases etc they now do towels and cushion covers! I am so in love with this each towel now all my friends are ordering some for their children and my family want one!

The quality of the towel is beautiful, super soft and the attention to detail is just amazing, as you can see of the close up there is nothing out of place, no blurriness, its stunning. What better picture to have on a towel as well? Them in the bath haha, I am definitely going to get more towels but the normal bath towels next time, one each because we all know its more hygienic to have your own towel after the bath/brushing teeth etc so a fantastic idea to never get mixed up! You could even have your name on it also. I think this is such a lovely idea and especially for family members you never know what to buy! You could get them one of the children, their dog or even their celebrity crush? 

Now that's an idea, Tom Hardy on a towel, phwoar. Super super impressed with the service and how fast it came, the house will be kitted out with personalised towels and pillow cushions. I can't wait to take this on our holidays also, no ones pinching my beach towel! If a beach towel isn't on your list of priorities right now what about protecting that thing that's never out of your hand, yeah your phone, I worked with Mr Nutcase a while ago now on a phone case, here was my review.

What would you have on your towel?

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