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Hello lovelies, so a couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited along to a Theatre showing at the Lichfield Garrick as it was Lichfield Festival celebrating 35 years! They had numerous events going on and I was contacted by a member of the team to choose a show me and my family could enjoy. 

I saw this description and though oh my Oscar will love this, anything Dinosaurs he is obsessed by them - 

'Dinosaur Park (Family) – Saturday 9th July at Garrick Theatre, 7pm
An award-winning, laugh-out-loud spin on Spielberg's classic Jurassic Park. Welcome to the unlikely setting of Lyme Regis Community Centre, where the Park Family embark on a journey to a misty past. When this go wrong, family feuds are faced with the rapturous roar of DIY dinosaurs. Superbolt Theatre's five-star production is an epic adventure of show-stopping, spine-tingling theatrics and megalithic mayhem. Direct from a sell-out London Season, and an official sell-out status at Edinburgh Fringe 2015, the show tours the UK for the first time!'

So Saturday 9th of this month me, Oscar and Dan went along not really knowing what to expect, I honestly thought there would be dinosaurs made out of paper mache or something like that when I saw 'DIY' dinosaurs but it was literally three people on a stage making dinosaurs out of themselves and a bag that opened up to look like a dinosaurs mouth. 

Although you could tell it was a very low budget show it had us all in absolute stitches, it was a family of three Dad Terry, Teenagers Noah and Jade from Lyme Regis who had lost their palaeontologist mum and decided to hold a memorial screening of her favourite movie Jurassic Park in their local community centre, a lot of feuds go down though when the family VHS has gone missing and all Dad Terry is worried about is getting everyone out before half 9 so they can get a discount, so if you have never watched that film (have you been living under a rock) then I wouldn't advise going as you would have no idea what they are talking about.

I also didn't realise when we got to the theatre it is aimed at children aged 8 and above, my son is 3! But a very grown up three and he was laughing all the way through it especially at the 'DNA' bits that actor and his moves were hilarious. He got a little bored near the end but my partner thoroughly enjoyed it being a huge fan of all the Jurassic Parks. 

I think if they just made a little more effort on the dinosaur sides of things it would be even more amazing to go and watch with the family but we was in fits of laughter through out. 

They are currently touring all over at the minute. 

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  1. At least you had a laugh even if he show itself was lacking! x


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