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Hello lovelies, today I have for you a little different post, I have featured some food type posts on here in the past and I do want to make this a regular thing from now on, I'm not a bad cook to be fair! Before children I was horrendous, definitely a microwave kinda girl or bang any old frozen thing in the oven but after children I'd say I've massively improved, even the fiancé would agree!

Aldi very kindly sent me some vouchers to come up with a recipe creation, I know its not very exciting, burgers! But they were very tasty burgers let me add and anyone can make them! If you think you can't cook, these are easy peasy. I am an avid Aldi shopper anyway so I was so pleased they sent me some vouchers to help the food bill this week, I'll let you into a little secret though! I used to be quite the snob to Aldi, I know you wouldn't think that if you knew me I'm as common as they come but it was something about 'cheap food' I couldn't get to grips with I thought it would taste awful, how my opinion changed! My fiancé's mum has always been an Aldi shopper amongst other supermarkets but when I moved in there I couldn't tell the difference what food came from where so when we finally got our own place I started shopping there and noticed drastic savings from when I shopped other places from time to time, I never thought I would be swayed from HP tomato sauce or HP beans either but I'm telling you Aldi have got it spot on, I'm well and truly converted and I'm even thinking of doing a 'what you need to try from Aldi' post, I love the place now, I'm pretty much in there every day I know all the staff aha, they also have great events on, the baby one being my favourite and sell some great things, also if you have children the uniforms are in there right not, I got my sons trousers for ONE POUND FIFTY! Anyway back to the burgers...

What you will need -

Beef Mince ( I was supposed to get the lowest fat one but I was in a rush)
Garlic, 2 cloves crushed
Worcestershire sauce
Cheese slices
Salt & Pepper

Method -

Optional but I whacked all the ingredients in a food processor first before getting my hands messy, then once the ingredients were combined I kneaded a little bit more with my hands then made them into balls and squashed to make circle burger like shapes.

I then placed them in my acti fryer that I actually got from Aldi another bargain! But you can just put them on an ordinary grill for 4-5 minutes each side, spray them with fry light if you're trying to be more healthy like me. 

Place them in a bun, add the cheese and your toppings of choice, I usually make home made fries but had the frozen chips from Aldi, they are delicious and great if you haven't got the time especially with the kids and some salad, balanced meal then to get your five a day in. 

They were actually really yummy, Oscar and Lawson loved them as much as me, cheaper food doesn't always mean cheap quality, if you've never tried Aldi before why not try these burgers with some of the ingredients I've used, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. These look yummy and look so easy to make. I love your little fryer that your chips are in, where did you get it ? Home made burgers taste so much better than shop bought ones x


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