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Hello lovelies, have you been enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having? I don't know about you but we have lived of picnic type food over the hotter days, HiPP very kindly sent us some of their tray meals, we all know life gets hectic sometimes mums and dads just sometimes don't have the time to cook a dinner when they get in from work so its takeaway night, but what about the kids? These tray meals are fantastic, super easy, done in seconds! 

Lawson loves these meals as he is quite fussy with these ready type meals but his favourite was the alphabet pasta, it was gone in a flash but the magic number pasta went down a treat too with the pumpkin sauce, this is designed to help your little one learn new skills and have fun all at the same time.

HiPP Organic work hand in hand with nature, encouraging wildlife onto their farmland to act as natural pest control, this allows their products to grow as naturally as possible without harmful pesticides. 

HiPP Organic have a great toddler range of tray meals

When the weather has been hot and clammy these tray meals have saved the day, I hate cooking when it's too hot and would rather give him a dinner full of goodness than chips and chicken nuggets or something like that, we had so much fun at our picnic and Lawson and Imogen loved their justice drinks, I love the style of the bottle, makes it so much easier if you're on the move. 

Has your toddler tried the HiPP Organic tray meals? If not, I have a great summer giveaway bundle for you... All you have to do is Tweet me or Facebook me your #summertimemoments picture with the hashtag! You will win a selection of HiPP goodies, a picnic blanket and a cool bag, best of luck! I'll get my son to pic the best picture.

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