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Colourless hair colour remover Max effect 

Hello lovelies, so the lovely team from Tam Beauty who are behind brands such as Revolution, Freedom make up and more contacted me and asked if I would like to review their new product, `I was so happy and it was great timing as I wanted to get rid of my black hair anyway! As my hair is black they gave me the Max Effect box and here are my results...

Apologies for poor quality but my camera died when my mother in law dyed my hair so they are just from my phone but you can see how amazing it has worked! I couldn't believe it, when I was showering the product out I was worried as there was no black running out from my hair, it was just clean water so I was sceptical thinking if it worked or not, as soon as I dried my hair I actually went 'oh my god' because I was amazed at how well it worked! I never thought it would strip my hair as well as it did, previous to me using this product I had a balayage so the bottom bit went a little ginger from bleach applications but I've put a brown on my hair now and it looks amazing. I'm super super happy with the outcome and will always use this if I ever go back to the dark side again, knowing how easy it is to remove it, because if you're like me an constantly changing your hair colour you think once you decide to go black, this has got to be for life now, we all know how bad black is to remove, now thanks to colourless it makes life so much easier and you can keep changing your colour! It also works for stubborn red hair dyes, we all know red is as much of a pain as black so would love to see someones review from a red side.

I know the packaging is irrelevant but I think its gorgeous, it's eye catching and easy on the eye, although it claims to have a 'fresh scent' I'd be lying if I said it smelt fresh... I have used these sorts of things before to remove colours and the scent was disgusting I almost threw up, when you first apply this yeah it's not too bad but as soon as you wash this stuff out get the nose peg! No nose pain no gain? Nether the less amazing product and would highly recommend if you have had a hair malfunction! 

You can get this product from Boots, Superdrug and Tam Beauty online for around the £7 mark right now on offer. 


  1. Love this concept, a great "fixer" product. A shame about the smell! Xx

    AlLittleKiran | Bloglovin

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