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Hello lovelies, today I have a great website to share with you, you will thank me if you're children are already saying "I'm bored". This website has great five minute activities to do with your little ones, we have thoroughly enjoyed them all and there is a mixture of arts and crafts, learning, feeling good, moving more and finding things out. All great steps for your child's journey through life but fun at the same time and even better its FREE, all you have to do is sign up and you will get daily activities sent to your inbox, they tailor to your child's age from 2 to 5 years.

Oscars favorite activities were pretending to have a pet dinosaur, he also loved pretending to be a super hero, we did this in the park! It was already a little embarrassing pretending to be super woman in the park wit adults and children watching me without filming it also so we left that bit out aha but either way we had lots of fun together, even Lawson laughed at us. We also enjoyed a bit of maths in the park, picking five things that were green, red etc or five things that were bigger/smaller than Oscar, he had lots of fun doing that.

We have done the activities inside the house, at the park, at nanny's house, in the garden and walking around town, we even sang the alphabet together on the bus and pointed to things that began with certain letters, I love that you can be anywhere to do these activities and they only take  a few minutes, they are great for settling your children too, I have a very hyper, talkative three year old and he wants to be learning all the while and doing something so I find these a great distraction from running around a shop or asking for everything on the shelves. I've thoroughly enjoyed doing the activities and love that you're teaching your children without them knowing, learning doesn't have to be boring. I did a little video clip of a couple of the activities we did, I did a week in 5 minute activities and thought it would be a bit too long to do a full 5 minutes of every activity we did so I just broke it down a little for you.

Very easy activities do create, an activity for everyone and I will be on the website all the time from now on, go check it out! If you do have fun doing the activities #5minutefun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to show the team.

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