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Hello loveleis, so today I have a post for you of Indian food that is to die for! I have never heard of Itiahaas sadly before, I can't believe how much I was missing out on! I was very kindly invited by East Village PR to taste Itihaas new summer menu and gosh were us bloggers spoiled that night.

We were greeted with big smiles and a glass of champagne, always welcome! Very warm greetings and very friendly staff, it also gave us a few minutes to mingle with bloggers we hadn't met before, or I hadn't anyway, they were also very friendly. My first impressions of the restaurant to was that the outside doesn't give away anything, you would think you were going to a standard Indian restaurant but once you walk through the doors you would think you were on holiday! It had moroccan vibes, beautiful decor and furniture, I wanted one of everything! Then as we walked down to the Maharaja suite I felt like I was in another country, it smelt amazing, the incense sticks and the food cooking it was a dream.

I'll be totally honest when I saw the menu I thought oh lordy, I'm not going to like anything on here, I was wrong.

We got to meet Raj the Executive chef who knew his stuff and was very passionate about what he does, you could tell the compassion in his speech and how they introduced Torunska vodka cocktails to go with the food he had prepared for us on that night, the cocktails were delicious by the way, my favourite was the Pineapple fizz, I actually lost count how many I had, my bad.

I honestly couldn't choose a favourite from the canapés, they were all absolutely delicious, I braved everything because I wanted to try new things, I usually just go for a chicken tikka masala so I stepped out of the safe zone and tried an array of flavours and spices, I was delighted to not have to spit anything out into my napkin and devour everything, I wanted the waitress to just stand next to me all night picking but we then got spoiled by the mains, I very sadly did not get to try the lobster which I was really sad about but the girls on my table went to town on it aha, I did however really enjoy the salmon wrapped in the banana leaf, salmon would be the last thing on my mind to order at an indian restaurant but it was my favourite thing on the table, the spices on the salmon sang a harmony in my mouth and went down so well with the rice and the buttery naan breads, the only thing I wasn't to sure on which is a personal preference was the chicken on the bone, I would never order this as I like chicken to be bone free, I fear on choking! Other than that though everything was delicious.

I was very lucky to enjoy this evening with one of my gorgeous blogger friends Sophie and got to meet Charlotte and two other very lovely bloggers, we had a ball and a good chat then got to taste the desserts, the desserts were the only thing that didn't tickle my fancy but I've never ordered dessert when I go for an Indian usually unless they have plain ice-cream on the menu, I just like plain very sweet desserts but I did try them all, the pistachio ice-cream I could stomach and it was very refreshing, all the girls on the tables loved the desserts I think thats just a personal taste thing for me but I absolutely loved the canapés and mains and I will definitely be dragging the other half with me next time I'm planning a trip to Birmingham, I had the most wonderful evening with lovely bloggers and amazing food and very grateful for the chance to review the restaurant, they are doing an amazing job.

You can find out more about Itihaas here, all the food and drinks were complimentary but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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