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Paw Patrol Weebles £4.99* each

Oscar very luckily got the chance to review a new toy from the weebles line, he is obsessed with Paw Patrol so you could only imagine his face when we took of the cardboard box and this was shown to him. The weeble play sets are iconic but I love the fact they have had a refreshing new look to them to appeal more to the younger generation, they are so vibrant in colour and very well built.

It is super easy to use, my youngest son Lawson also loved this and he is only 14 months, he loves pressing the little lever to make the swing go and he's not really one for carrying toys around but he's a fan of the weebles and laughs his head of when he pushes them and they pop right back up because 'they weeble but they don't fall down', I wish I got that bit on video but sadly once I was filming Lawson went down for his daily nap. 

As you can see Oscar loves his new play set, he was really happy the fact we got extra Paw Patrol character weebles too and Chase is his favourite pup out of them all, he never stops playing with this now and is even kind enough to share with his little brother, Oscar likes pressing the walrus, it goes seemingly on a flat surface he plays for hours with that part, it is good that one weeble comes with the set but also nice to collect them now, I will be getting Oscar the full set to go with this as he is a huge fan of Paw Patrol and maybe look into getting him more playsets to go along side this one.

I think it is good value for money by watching how long they both play with the toy and how well made it is, my fiance wasn't convinced how ever hard you pushed them they would fall down but he got proven wrong, that was fun to watch also. I hope you like Oscars video review and look out for more toy reviews and Oscar's monthly favourite toys, a new series I have planned for the foreseeable future.

Do your children watch Paw Patrol or a fan of weebles?

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