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Hello lovelies, just another quick little post for you today.
It is so muggy where i am in the UK i hate muggy weather, just be hot or cold please haha. Anyway swaying away from the post again, as you know me by now if your have read my post's you will know i love my samples! I love trying out new things so seen this company from an email and thought i would try them out...

Latest In Beauty

The link above will get you three samples for just £1.50 from a text of your mobile phone. Which you can get every once a month! I recieved...

Melvita - Ultra nourishing cream for very dry and delicate skin
I am looking forward to testing this out as it says on the little packet 'At the end of the day, the skin is lastingly nourished; 92%' So we shall see.

Amie - Spring clean cooling clay mask
I love face masks so another thing i'm looking forward too trying out, according to the packaging it gives you clearer, deeply cleansed skin. It has harmonising natural actives including organic peppermint, french white clay and lime butter. Over 94% natural ingredients.

Then in the cute little brown envelopes i received

Yes Nurse - Protect Your Lovely Hands (Hand Cream)
Two cute little samples of a 'magic' hand cream. It is called a magic sample because as you know when you get samples yo don't really get enough to last a while to truly judge it so this is supposed to work miracles from just one sachet so i'll soon tell you if this is true.

Overall though for £1.50 you can't really go wrong to test out 3 different products i bet the face mask is more than £1.5o. I shall do a mini review of all products once i have tested them out for you lovelies though.

Also as well as signing up for 3 little samples you can buy luxury samples on there website for less before you splurge on the bigger size.

Hope this helped you all in some way.


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    1. Ahh it is good isn't it hun for only £1.50 too!! I have tried a mask from Amie before but it was different still yet to try this one :) xxx


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