11 June 2013

My favourite youtubers and bloggers.

Hello again lovelies on a roll tonight with the posts but will be the last one of the night as i am about to attempt the 30 day shred again! Eeek.
So just a quick one of the youtubers and bloggers i love, there are a few so here goes.

Sprinkle Of Glitter - Louise 

Aloha! I'm 25, married and have a gorgeous baby girl. I am a lover of cosmetics, sparkly gems and interior designs. Come on in, the water's fine! x
Her youtube channel is ; SprinkleofGlitter
What I Heart Today - Lily Pebbles

Profile Pic

Her youtube channel is; WhatIHeartToday

Dolly Bow Bow - Kate

Her youtube channel is; DollyBowBow
Zoella - Zoe

Her Youtube channel is; Zoella
Miss Budget Beauty - Khi

miss budget beauty
Her youtube channel is; MissBudgetBeauty
Essie Button - Estee

Her youtube channel is; EssieButton
Gemsmaquillage - Gemma Tomlinson

For some reason it's not letting me onto her blog but 
her youtube channel is; Gemsmaquillage

Beauty Crush - Sammie 

Beauty Crush | My Style & Beauty blog
Hi im Sammi, a 23 year old girl from London who logs her personal style and beauty interests here on this blog and who also makes videos on youtube. I'm a fashion styling graduate with a penchant for photography and for seeing the world.

Her youtube channel is; Beautycrush
Vivianna Does Make up - Vivianna 

Her youtube channel is; ViviannaDoesMakeup 

I love reading there blogs and watching them regularly on youtube i actually i get a tad excited when each of them uploads a new youtube vid! Is that sad of me lol?
Well i don't mind haha, each to there own. I enjoy a lot more youtubers eg, pixiwoo, tanyaburr, pointlessblog, athriftymrs etc but blogs and youtubers together these are my favourites. What blogs do you love? 

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