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52 Lists Week 1

Hello lovelies, I stumbled over a friends blog and noticed this little post called '52 Lists' and wanted to join in! The blog post itself is found here originally Mooreaseal .
As i failed the 30 day snap I thought I would give this ago and feature it over my blog for 52 consecutive weeks, that way I don't have to worry if I have missed a day out!

So here goes, the first List of 52 to come.

Week 1 'List the words that touch your soul'

Family. Friends. Son. Love. Puppy. Flowers. Tulips.
Décor. Hearts. Chick flicks. Romance. Adele's music.
Music in general. Magazines. Beach walks. 
Holding hands. Cuddles. Kissing. Spooning. Ben n Jerrys.
Love making. Sofa Days. Junk food. Cinema. Yankee Candles.
Home made lasagne. Playing with hair. Back tickles.
Hot bubbly baths. Jewellery. Make up. 
Shopping. Box sets. Honesty. Pjs. Sweet. Nail polish.
Animals. Books. Dog walks. Daisy chains.
Loyal. Trustworthy. Kindness. Coffee. Blogging.
Picnics. Big smiles. Handbags. Leopard print and Shoes.

Hope you like these sort of post's as much as I do! If you would like to take part, go ahead once you do send me your links.

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