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Mini Body Shop Haul.

Hello lovelies, sorry i haven't posted in a few days had a very random couple of days! My boyfriends friend had two spare tickets to go to Amsterdam so we thought it would be rude not to turn down the offer. So that's what I've been up to! Hope everyone's having a good start to a new week. I was happy to come home to Oscar and my body shop order.

I thought why not make the most of there online offer of 50% off then a further 40% off too. Plus free delivery. I only got a few things as I have so many things I need to get through but couldn't resist. 'slaps wrists' 

So this is what I got,

Spa wisdom - Morocco Black olive & Argon oil Scrub.

I've always wanted to try out Body shop's spa range and this looked so luxurious. It smells absolutely divine, it looks like it would be really sticky in the picture but it most definitely isn't! It's very smooth with little micro beads. I am very much looking forward to testing this out tonight in a nice hot bath. I love the little pot it comes in, once I have finished with the scrub I will be recycling this for another use. I know you can make so many home made remedies these days for body scrubs, which is lovely and I am wanting to do but the whole spa bit about it really enticed me in. Shall write a review once I have used it for a bit.

Buriti baby soft wash cloth

Supposedly for babies but it's for me, I love using wash cloths to cleanse and polish my face, my Emma Hardie one being my favourite. But thought I would see how this one is I imagined it to be nice and soft as it's for babies so shall be testing this out tonight also. It is lovely and soft so all good so far. Also has a really cute bird detail on it.

Coconut Shower Cream

I love my shower creams, there luxurious and feel so good on your skin in the shower, this was a huge bargain of £1.80!! I could not believe it. I love the smell of coconuts especially in Summer as it smells like holidays to me. Makes me feel all good inside I was going to say when rubbing it all over me but it sounds a bit sordid. Haha but nether the less it is beautiful stuff. If you like the smell of coconuts I recommend you have a good whiff of it.

Love abit of lemon.

Sweet Lemon Lip Butter & Lemon Body Butter

I adore the smell of lemon, so citrusy and fresh! I have been wanting to try out the lemon lip butter for ages but always put it off as i have about 4 lip balms in my handbag already but as there was a sale i just couldn't resist any longer the urge out did me. I am loving it already just after one application but lets see if its beneficial also for my dry lips.

The Lemon butter I am very pleased with as I love Body shops butters on a whole as there so nourishing and feel fantastic on your skin but this time it's LEMON and £3.00! You can't really get much better than that when you love the smell of lemon as much as I do. So I am also dying to use this tonight after a nice hot soak in the bubble bath.

I don't know if this is because I got a body shop card but I got a free gift! How lovely after all this stuff for so cheap.

Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub

Couldn't have got a better free gift if I'd asked to be honest, my feet aren't in the greatest shape at the minute. It's a chore to me to do feet I know we should all look after our feet as we are always on them but I just always forget to pamper them. I vow from now on to do so though especially as I have this to try out. It smells gorgeous with the strong peppermint scent. A very substantial size to try out too most freebies are little tiddly samples. So this again will be used tonight. I'm going to feel awesome with all these products to try out, pamper heaven!

I know its not lots of products but I am very pleased with them all and really looking forward to testing them all out tonight. On top of joining the Body shop rewards card, for just an annual payment of £5 you get...

10% off purchases for a year
A birthday gift*, to the value £5. Simply come in-store during your birthday month to collect
A free product, to the value £5, on your 4th stamp* (available on in-store purchases only)
A free product, to the value £10, on your 8th stamp* (available on in-store purchases only)
Invitations to exclusive member events
Exclusive offers and special savings
News of product launches and updates on what's happening in our stores and online

Am I making any of you jealous with my pamper session tonight? What are your favourite Body shop products?


  1. That washcloth is so cute! I love Bodyshop body butters, have you tried the pink grapefruit one? Its amazing! :)


    1. No hunny i havent, i'm not the biggest fan of grapefruit tbh! I have a massive shower gel of the stuff from body shop that i might sell tbh haha! It is isn't it. I'm a sucker for packaging haha xx

  2. I had to renew my The Body Shop card recently too and got the same free gift. I used it last night and love it! It's so, so good. Felt different to how I expected from looking at it xo


    1. Isn't it great! I wasn't expecting much tbh after using a previous Body shop foot scrub but i did enjoy this :) xx

  3. Hi thanks for leaving me your link in tonight's chat, that olive and argan oil scrub looks lovely x

    1. No problem hunny, Doesn't it! Feels like a dream and makes your skin smell amazing! Feels amazing too x

  4. I was so, soooo tempted by this sale. But alas, I have no money and enough Body Shop stuff to start up my own shop XD lol

    Jess // http://coffeeandcosmetics.blogspot.co.uk/ xo

    1. lol! I couldn't resist i have too much stuff myself but can never have enough :) x

  5. Love the photos outside. Just took some outside myself.
    Bet the lemon body butter is lush!

    1. Thanks babe, whilst we have decent 'ish' weather thought i would take advantage of it! They do come out better i think. Oh it is mmm :) xx


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