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10 Faves under a tenner!

Hello lovelies, hows the humidity treating you if your living in the UK? I bet everyone's bored of the weather updates but it's just surreal for us Brits to have such decent weather, I for one hate it but I bet most people are loving it. I thought I would share with you today some of my favorite beauty items under just £10. 

Just cutting it fine under the ten pound mark at £9.99 we have the,
Sleek Blush Palette By 3 in Lace, a mix of matte, shimmer and satin shades being from left to right; Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly. Such a versatile palette with plenty of choice. What mood your in for a bit of shimmer or matte? Whatever finish floats your boat. £10 for three blushes is a good deal. These palettes come in a range of colours but I loved all the shades in here for my skin tone. This is great for your handbag to pick and choose which colour you fancy on your cheeks on different days. You can find these in Superdrug, that's where I picked this baby from. 

Soap&Glory - Sugar Crush Body Scrub

300ml tub for £8.00 which I picked up in Boots, I love love love this stuff, I love most products from Soap&Glory but I am a lover of sweet scents. I know there not to everyone's taste but I adore them. I particularly like this product so much not from the sweet scented notes of lime oil, almond oil and brown sugar but it's a must have if your a fake tanner like myself! This bad boy strips all your nasty fake tan mishaps up in no time. Gets rid of your scaly mess and makes your body lovely and smooth and smells like a lime dream. If you don't want to buy it but love sweet scents please go to boots and smell it!  

Rimmel - 60 seconds

I love rimmel polishes the best out of all my nail collection and believe me I have a lot to choose from, I don't know what it is about them but there just the best for me! Long enough lasting, quick application with there great wand and quick dry time. I'm still yet to try Rimmel Salon Pro varnishes but I'm sure I'll love them as much as I do there other finishes. These polishes are only £3.69 in Boots and usually have some sort of offer on so very cheap but very good! These aren't particularly two of my favourite shades but I do really like them from left to right; Too cool to tango & Rose Libertine. If your impatient like me for dry time and like a lovely finish why not check out a bargain?

Maybelline - Colour tattoo 24hr eye shadow

In the summer I have been reaching for cream shadows a lot as there so practical and easy if your in a rush or simply can't be bothered, this heat is a killer to spend a good 15 minutes perfecting your eyes so I've been loving this. It's also good as a base to keep your eye shadow in place for the day and night. Perfect staying power I wouldn't say 24hr's but the sun has been melting my face. This colour tattoo eye shadow has been my fave as I love my bronzes, creams and browns etc. This is in the shade On and On Bronze at £4.99 which i got from Superdrug . If you would like a cheaper alternative though I have found this to be near enough the same colour, Seventeen Wild Metalic Cream eye shadow in Bronze.

Lush - Mask of magnaminty

This is my favorite face mask at the moment, as when I'm having a bad break out day this helps loads. I love the peppermint smell although it is quite strong. It tingles a little when you apply it all over your face but I quite like that as you know its working it's magic! Once I have washed this all of my face with warm water my skin feels immediately refreshed and clean and slowly works on my nasty break outs. Also think this mask is great for your money as you buy a face mask from there for just under a fiver and it ends up getting wasted as you can only use them in a couple of weeks but this lasts longer. This is £4.95 for a 125g pot but lasts you a few months rather than weeks so well worth the money and it lasts as you only need a tiny amount. The peppermint is added also to stimulate the blood vessels in your skin to give it a bit of a glow with all other wonderful ingredients inside to clean your skin and make it feel soft, good for any skin type! 

L'oreal Elvive - Full Restore 5 Replenishing Masque

This mask is simply amazing, honestly! Once I used this for just the first time my hair felt like it hadn't been died a million times and I'd just had a fresh hair cut, you know that 'new' feeling. It's also now only £1.50 at the minute at Asda! Quick go and pick it up now, what you waiting for? The 5 stands for these five steps, 1.Strength, 2. Density, 3. Vitality, 4. Shine, 5. Silkiness. It really is amazing and I've come across a lot of different hair masks. I leave this mask on my hair whilst I'm doing my face routine in the shower, shaving and washing my body all over then I wash it out and it just makes my hair feel darn amazing. 

Rimmel - Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation

This is my favorite foundation by far and a steal for £6.99 at the minute from Boots. If you like medium to full coverage I'm sure you would love it too. It drys matte and I'm usually weary about matte with having dry patches but it doesn't cling at all. Quite a flawless looking foundation with the right powder on top and blended well. Comes in a great array of shades too to compliment everyone's skin tone. It defiantly has good staying power, never left it on longer than 25 hours but lasts from day to night so perfect for those last minute after work drinks! It also leaves your skin feeling hydrated through out the day. 

Maybelline Colour sensational Vivid lipstick

These lipsticks are fantastic, also perfect for the summer as when your lipstick is fading these stain your lips, but in a good way as you don't have to keep re applying your lipstick whilst your out. This colour is a personal fave and come out of my comfort zone going for this bright colour as I personally usually always play it safe. But sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and try something new, this is the shade I got it in 'Shocking Coral' I would say its more a pink then coral but has coral undertones. This lasts me a good few hours even have to wipe over my lips with some Bioderma to make sure every last bit is of. Gorgeous bright colour to give your lips a lovely splash of colour. I shall be getting some more of these in more colours as they have a vast amount of shades not like I don't have enough lipsticks. These retail at £7.19 in Boots, is it just me or are drug store lipsticks, well all round make up in fact creeping up there prices more and more? Sooner rather than later most people will probably just end up buying just high street as drug store will only be a couple quid cheaper. 

Lush - Lip Scrub in Bubblegum

Before I apply a nice bright lipstick or any lipstick especially if there matte I love using this lip scrub as you don't want nasty chapped lips under a beautiful colour. This stuff is awesome, to get more benefit out of it I rub this all over my lips and use an old toothbrush to rub softly over my lips and my lips just feel so soft afterwards. I do this every night before I put on my night time moisturizer to work all through the night under a lip balm too it works a treat. If you want lips as soft as a baby's bum I would really recommend you checking this product out. Plus it smells and tastes amazing, you don't have to use my toothbrush trick you can simply rub on your lips then lick away as its got sugar inside. Yummy try not eating it all though don't forget to look after your purdy lips. You can pick these up in Lush for £5.25 it does last you a long time so worth the price.

Ebay dotting tools

If you love experimenting with your nails as much as I do i recommend you type in dotting tools in Ebay and get some of these bad boys! There about £2 and have different sized bottoms depending on how big you want your polka dot on your nails or petal size, whatever detail your going for I have been using these quite a bit and £2 is an absolute steal. They come in all sorts of designs and colours I wasn't really looking for a particualar design as such I just couldn't wait to try them out and I love them. I love doing leopard print, polka dots and floral with these tools they fit the job perfectly. 

Those were my current 10 favorite beauty products under £10, hope you liked this post,
what are your favorite budget beauty buys?


  1. Very informative post! You can get most of these things in the states as well but the bits that are only available in the UK are going onto my shopping list!


  2. Thank you hunny glad you liked it! Ahh there all amazing honestly! Your blog is fab! Just followed you on blog lovin!! :) xx


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