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#Vintsetfest in Birmingham at the Custard Factory

Hello lovelies, I was lucky enough to get an invite to #Vintsetfest with The Vintage set & Tiger Bam Comms which was for fashion and beauty bloggers and a few other people. My friend Talia was the one who mentioned it to me and had to get in on it all so glad I did!

Me, Talia and our friend Jess got up yesterday morning very excited for our day ahead, as the event wasn't starting till 6 we thought we would have the day in Birmingham anyway, chance to catch up, have a bite to eat and some cheeky shopping. So that we did, as soon as we got into Birmingham we headed straight to Nando's and met up with another blogger Ally and she looked unique ans stunning as always in the most beautiful parrot skirt with complimentary parrot earrings, she could literally dress up a bin bag and make it look good! But anyway we all enjoyed a Nando's then headed of to do a bit of shopping. I will show you what I got from Birmingham in another post, but after our shop we stopped for a quick Starbucks and made our way to The Custard Factory, somewhere which I have never sadly encountered before! What a shame as it so beautiful, the colourful buildings, the vintage shops in such a lovely little area. It felt like a friendly neighborhood of shops. Then we got to our destination, the #vintsetfest

We got there and was greeted with a drink and a warm welcoming smile, sadly the 'hook the duck' was cancelled as the ducks decided to roam in the pool but we got to do a pot luck dip in a box to reveal a treat! I picked up a W7 red lipstick! Then went inside to see the array of beautiful stands from clothes to hand craft jewelry, make up artists, hair stylists, nail artists, macadamia hair care, re think re make re love which is an up cycling workshop which I thought was amazing! They make old things that you've tossed aside into something beautiful. I even made myself a bracelet out of unwanted bits of fabric and turned it into something beautiful and personal to me with my love of lace and floral print. 
There was bales of hay stacked in rows for people to sit at along with rustic looking picnic tables scattered with an array of old school sweet favorites so you could all join together and watch the live band too being the New Killer Shoes along with a great Q&A panel with industry experts. There was also some styling challenges and swap rails! Everyone was so friendly I wish I just stepped out my comfort zone more and spoke to every body, everyone looked amazing in there own styles even hand made outfits. It really was an amazing event. Here are some pictures, sadly my phone died half way through the event so I apolagize for not getting more pictures than I really wanted! But you will get the jist of the event :)

Isn't it just beautiful? Also had to take advantage of the free hair style and make up! Well would be rude not to wouldn't it, nothing comes for free these days. My home made bracelet too I adore!

Although I took advantage of the freebies I did purchase some things too, I wanted everything but obviously my money doesn't grow on trees, everything was reasonably priced though great prices! The man at the Macadamia hair care stand was so good at explaining the products he really enticed me in and I wanted to buy all his products but I didn't I behaved and came away with a travel set full of macadamia goodies! I got a gorgeous ring from a gorgeous girl who makes her own jewlery her range is called Harri styles she is an array of beautiful things from necklaces to rings to bling phone cases you will have to check her out! Then after getting my hair styled for free The depot hair had there own little stand with there Bed Head products selling for cheap so brought myself a conditioner that volumizes! So excited to try that out plus it smells amazing and that was all I brought as our goodie bags were fatastic!

Goodie Bags!!

I apologize again for the picture format I don't know what's wrong with this laptop but I have tried numerous amounts of times flipping the picture around and it's having non of it! So I am sorry but look at the fab stuff we got!

Hair care products from Macadamia, Hask and Neal&Wolf
Halo Eye make up remover pads
Dylon Fabric Dye
Polariod Contact lenses
Carmex lip balm
Goody good stuff sour sweets
Little White Lie tanning lotion
Green People Sun lotion

Just want to say a huge huge thanks to The Vintage Set and Tiger Bam Comms for the amazing event you pulled of and all the wonderful people that was there amongst the stunningly dressed beauty and fashion bloggers you all looked amazing.

Hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as I did I will look forward to another up coming event. Did you go? If so please pop your link down as I was to shy to ask for it!

Have a lovely weekend xxx


  1. wow, this looks awesome! I was so jealous of everyone going and following all the lovely tweets and instagram pics all day! I think I would have spent a fortune on all that vintagey goodness :)
    Loving the blonde hair by the way!

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

    1. I know I really wanted to babe haha was a really lovely event! Shame you wasn't there. Ahh thanks ever so much I'm still undecided haha. Hope your well hunny xxx

  2. Thankyou very much hun.If you like my blog then follow it if you like, I'm not really keen on when people say follow me then i'll follow back if you like someones blog you would follow it anyway without a follow back in return thanks anyway :) x


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