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Summer Lovin'

Hello lovelies, sorry for lack of posts been having some technical difficulties. But everything's in good working condition, for the meanwhile anyway! I thought I would share with you what me and my family have been getting up to in the sunny weather! I nearly said gorgeous weather but I'm not going to lie, my Irish pale skin thanks to my dad I burn like a bitch! So me and the sun don't really get on. But that aside we need to make the most of the sun in England as we usually have miserable wet days. So here is what we've been up to.

The only good thing about where I live is the beautiful chase not too far away. A five minute drive up the road and your surrounded by trees, peace and beautiful scenery. I could get lost up there for hours, be all at one with nature. Is it weird to love trees so much haha? Also find it funny how I love trees so much and I'm with a carpenter, hmm. Anyway we went up the chase and there is a forestry commission part which is full of handmade objects made from tree's and other nature like parts. With a lovely little park for children and it has the cutest fairy part. The Fernley thicket sign is a place where the fairies live, it's so cute under there! I couldn't take pictures though as it was fenced of because there homes are under construction and having a make over! So when I go back up there in the future I'll be sure to show you there little place as its so cute. The picture where Oscar is in at the bottom is the fairy circle where they all gather round for there meetings. I think it's so sweet for the little ones to see all this. Ever since I watched 'Fairy Tale' I have always believed in them, judge me all you like but I actually think they are out there somewhere. I'm such a child at heart. Then the picture where Oscar is sitting on a chair is made out of some strong wire it has a little circle where there is a Baby chair, Momma chair and Daddy's chair another cute area. Couldn't resist popping Oscar on the big Daddy chair. 

I have been wanting to take Oscar to the proper swimming baths for ages but due to my confidence with putting on a few extra pounds (don't lie Paige stones) after having Oscar it put me of so I kept putting it of then I thought why don't Dan just go in there with him and I'll watch. So that's what we did! He absolutely loved it. Then after watching them have so much fun in the pool I was so envious I wasn't in there splashing around with Oscar so I've made a pact with myself that I should just get over my body confidence and just get in there! I can focus on my weight loss but put Oscars fun first and let go a bit. Swimming might even help me loose a bit of weight. Then the second picture were also lucky where we live that there is a park up the road from us with a little kiddies pool. It fills up to my calf and I'm pretty tall so great for kids especially with Oscars float I could skinny dip with him whilst he floated around, he could touch the floor in this pool too so he was kicking himself of the ground and pushing him self around he loved it! Was so lovely seeing him smiling because he's been a bit grouchy in this heat like I have! I bet the poor mite has pale problems like me! Everyone in my family tans so nice apart from me and my dad! So unfair haha, I know most people love embracing there pale complexion but I hate it! Having to fake tan all the while is a pain in the butt too, but being Casper what you gonna do?

We've also been to the park numerous of times, shopping and the usual things but just thought I would share with you a couple of the things we had been getting up to. I want to go to the zoo but Dan thinks it's boring so going to have to go there with a family member or a friend. I also want to take him to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor park, that should be fun. 

What have you all been doing in the sunshine? Tanning you lucky things?
Don't forget to keep topping up your sunscreen ;)

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