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52 Lists week 4

Hello again lovelies, just another quick post for you all.

Week 4 'Your current future goals and dreams'

I would love to go to New York
Be a beauty technician
Watch Oscar grow into handsome man and making me proud
Be more stronger
Break my boundaries a bit
Have my own beauty salon
My family to always be happy
Drink more water
Loose a few stone
Get engaged
Get into crafts
Have lots of followers who love reading my blog
Meeting new bloggers
Make some of my own clothes
Learn how to bake, I'm rubbish!
Continue being truthful
Learn how to drive
Get a pet duck when my puppy grows up and calms down
Visit Rome and Disney Land Florida
Teach myself more about html
Be more confident in myself
Always be a good friend, girlfriend, family member and mother.

What are your future goals?

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