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52 Lists Week 3

Hello again lovelies, just another quick post for you, a catch up of my 52 lists! 

Week 3 'List the things you should be proud of'

Being a good mum, I do try my best.
Being a good girlfriend.
Being a good friend.
Saying No to people who try and peer pressure you.
Completing my NVQ level 2 in Care.
Being there for my mum when times were hard.
Trying to get over an awful past.
Picking my self up when people have put me down.
Forgetting bullies and not retaliating.
Being there for my brothers.
Helping my family through my great Nans death.
I don't pretend do be something I'm not.
I shall be proud of my son no matter what.
I took on a baby, dog and house all in 6/7 months after birth.
I try to forget negative people, who needs them?
People actually take the time to read what I enjoy doing as a hobby.
Being there for people when they need me even if it isn't visa versa.
Actually giving birth, proud moment!

That was pretty depressive at times, sorry lol! But there you have it.

What are you proud of?

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