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My yankee collection

Hello lovelies, 
How gorgeous is the weather lately? If your from the U.K you know what I mean we take full advantage of a bit of sun were lucky to get it every now and again! 
Anyway back to the blog post, i thought i would share with you my on going Yankee Collection i absolutley love these candles! They smell good enough to eat. 

My only large jar at the minute as my large dragon fruit is on its last wick (legs).

Vanilla Frosting - This smells so good! Good enough to eat. One whiff you get the taste of the vanilla cake like scent at the back of your throat without the calories. Mmmm.

Medium sized jar

Summer Scoop - This summery scent is my absolute fave at the minute. Again so edible smelling i just want to eat it. I will probably be saying this a few times on this post. It is a rich and creamy smelling icecream retreat with undertones of blackberries and raspberries its just amazing. Please go and smell it!

Little jars

Mandarin Cranberry - Another fave of mine and summer like scents of bursting oranges and zingy cranberries they both go so well together. It's so zesty and citrus like.

Blueberry Scone - Again i just want to eat it! Good job there not edible i would have ate all my candles that smell like food they make them so heavenly! The blueberries just smell so good into a cake like scent it's just beautiful. 

Red Apple Wreath - Just one whiff of this makes me think 'christmas'. It also reminds me of those cinnamon ball sweets anyone else remember those? It is just so festive and homecoming. I love cinnamon its very strong if you love that too you would love this candle.

Cherries On Snow - Another festive candle of mine and to me it smells just like cherry bake well tart! Yeah you guessed it i could eat it. The almonds come through but with the freshness from the ice (snow).

Sicilian Lemon - It brings back childhood memories of lemon sherberts. Although I'm only 22 it does take me back to my younger years sucking on lemon sherberts a strong lemon smell its so good! This is my all time fave of my Yankee collection and i NEED a large jar of this.

Beach Flowers - Like it says on the tin (candle) the beach and flowers mixed into one. You have all the floral scents and a hint of the beach. You get undertones of lillies with strong scents of hyacinth. Beautiful blossom smell.

My Sample Candles
These change regularly i am always buying different ones to see which one to get in jar form!

Pink Dragon Fruit - This was in my April faves, it is so tropical and sweet at the same time. The name of the candle is so intriguing it lures you in and smells so divine i have just ran out of this in a large jar but had to get it in a sampler till i can part with near £20 for another.

Strawberry Buttercream - You can smell the icing and the strawberries conjoined together. So sweet and seductive on your taste buds it makes you want a strawberry cake topped with luscious icing. Yum.

Summer Scoop - I just cant get enough of this, i have a little one next to my bed to sniff at night and also a wax burner one in my living room. My house smells so beautiful of summer and icecreams. Is it possible to have an addiction to a candle? I need Yankee rehab.

Vanilla frosting - Already mentioned above.

A child's wish - I personally don't know how you could put a child's wish into a scent but i like the name of the candle. It smells so fresh but floral at the same time. Maybe the 'childs wish' is an image to put into your head of a child playing happily in a meadow of green grass full of beautiful flowers. 

Wax burners/tarts

Garden sweetpea - A sweet floral scent highly of freesia's with undertones of fruity scents like peaches and pears. Beautiful blossom notes.

Sparkling lemon - Again a little like lemon sherberts but more fresh lemonade smelling. The citrus zing just attracts me to it. I love lemon smells its so fresh and zesty.

Fruit Fusion - I love anything fruit smelling eg lemon! But all fruits smell good. This smells of  a fruit smoothie conjoined with berries, oranges hints of lime and the odd strawberries hidden in there. Refreshingly good.

Christmas cupcake - I know its pretty much summer now but i have had this from christmas i had so many of these i had a spare one lingering around. It smells like such a festive treat though. A rich moist vanilla cupcake covered in christmassy goodness.

I hope you like my Yankee collection i do! What are your favourite Yankee scents?

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