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What's Inside My Handbag?

Hello again lovelies, I wont be writing on here for a couple of days as I'm going to London to spend some time with my partners family and going to the Company's Blogging Forum which I'm so thrilled about, I really can't wait. I shall defo have a post up about it when I'm back home! So i thought i would do a post on 'what's in my handbag'. I know most people like these posts, nosey people like myself anyway haha. So here's what's inside;

My handbag itself is from a market and only cost me £12.99 i love leopard print!


My staples!

A lot of things change up in my handbag but these always have to be inside! I have my purse which is a Cath kidston like style from Camden market, a Cath kidston styley note book from home bargains. My passport, pain killers, a sparkly pen and deodorant! (I sweat like a bitch when I'm out and about).

The other bits and bobs.

I don't know if I'm strange but i like a pair of socks on me in case I'm wearing shoes without and i go into someone's house i like to wear socks if i take my shoes of if i go into anybody else's home god only knows why but i just do?! Also what if your going unexpectedly bowling haha. An actual Cath kidston pocket mirror, chewing gum, bobbles, bobby pins, mini hairbrush, lip balms, lip stain, sunglasses, mini nail files, a torch, a spare dummy because you never know Oscar has a tendency of playing with his and loosing it, a perfume sample, a packet of face wipes just mainly for make up swatches and lastly some hand cream from the body shop.

What's inside my makeup bag inside my bag...

As i usually have my fringe down i like to have a bottle of dry shampoo because my fringe always tends to get greasy - Superdrug brand
a mini bottle of hair spray - Tresemme
Lace blusher palette - Sleek
Cream blush - Revlon
Highlighter - MUA
Foundations - Mac & Rimmel
Face powder - Rimmel
Blusher but i use as Bronzer (Harmony) - Mac 
Eyeshadow - Model Co
Primer - Benefit
Concealer - Benefit
Mascara - Yves Rocher
Liquid eyeliner - Rimmel
Make up brushes - Real Technique & Eco tools

Then lastly i just have a random monthly magazine inside

Hope you liked this post, if anyone reads this and have this post please comment your links below! I love a little nose :) Also sorry about the lighting of the pictures i will probably change them in the future just the weather down here is awful!


  1. Hey there, new follower here.

    I love these posts about what people have in their bags, so nosey lol. I must say you do have a lot in there.

    Here's my blog, http://somethingkindasweet.blogspot.co.uk if you fancy checking it out. (:

    Billie-Ray xx

    1. Thanks ever so much hunny! I know i carry everything but the kitchen sink most days haha xx

  2. Hehe, I really like this! So interesting to see what everyone carries around with them. You have loads with you! And of course, the trusty magazine : ) I always carry powder and dry shampoo, I have un-ruley hair too : ) xxx

    1. Haha, having a fringe is dia in the hot weather so dry shampoo is my best friend lmao. Thanks for the comment babe xx


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