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Weekend In London / Company Blogging Forum

Hello lovelies,  I had an amazing weekend, hope you all did too!
First things first, I said to my boyfriend; 'Babe there is this blogging forum in London next week on a Monday'. His reaction wasn't the best as he is self employed it would mean having to have a day of work but with a couple of arm twists i won him round! He is good to me bless him, which also meant we could visit his aunty in St.Albans in the London area. Free accommodation, shopping in London and Company magazines blogging forum, what's not to love right? So that's what we did! We packed our bags Friday night and left for St.Albans early Saturday morning it's a good two hour drive from where we live and I'm not the best travelling in cars but i pulled through, probably too excited to care about travel sickness. 

We got to St.Albans finally and had a lovely BBQ with Dan's family and had a good catch up, watched TV and all that jazz and had an early night. We woke up in the morning had a gorgeous breaky and of we popped on the train to London to go shopping crazy! We wanted to go Camden first as we love it there, it's so quirky, full of fascinating styles and personality's  with an array of different stalls/markets. I love all the random different things they sell. Also London do a great deal on there travel tickets where you can go on the Tube wherever you like all day for just £16.50 great if you want to explore everywhere!

In Camden we stopped for a bite to eat, and they have all styles of foods in a row from Chinese, Thai, English, Indian, Mexican and more! They are like £4 for a meal, bargain's galore. I also love the little ped bike seats they have for you to sit on so quirky. 

Then in Camden i got a couple of items but will not post these here as I will be doing some reviews soon but a little teaser is one is from Read-The-Label 
Then I went round with Dan has he did his spot of shopping in Oxford street before it was getting on to meet my friend from London Euston. (By this time I'm getting really excited)

It's Company Magazine Blogging Forum time!!

I met up with my friend at London Euston kissed my boyfriend and Oscar good bye as he was picking me up from St.Albans station later then of we popped to Kings Cross college. Luckily it wasn't far from the station we last got of of. As we had an hour to spare I thought why not have a quick cheeky Starbucks? I love my coffee. 

We was then ready to hit the forum, I was so excited but so anxious at the same time meeting all these new people and being in such a crowded place but I was fine once I settled in there plus I had my friend by my side. 

Annoyingly for me and my friend us being the first there we didn't realise there was a que to sign in as we didn't realise we had to go right at the back, silly us! But we didn't mind too much as we were a few moments away from a lovely glass of free bubbly, a talk with an expert panel, a q&a session and an awesome goody bag awaiting us. There was so many people there.

Everyone looked amazing in there own unique styles, some even got chosen to be on the Company magazine website, one being my friends friend! Her blog is Pippa Says it's currently being refurbished but if you love fashion and music related things you will love her blog. It was lovely to meet her and her friend Alexandra at the event. 

As we was standing around in the guys campus two beautiful girls approached us with these big lollipops! A new candy range from Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing. It was a yummy strawberry lollipop which i have already devoured! Yummy, can't go wrong with a big pink lolly. Still a child at heart. If you would like to know more about the candy kittens range here is there website; Candy Kittens as they not only do candy they do clothing, accessories  stationery and more!

Like I said big kid at heart haha, anyway after sipping lovely free bubbly which was actually really nice it was time to go and hear what the panel had to say.

We had a great panel...

Victoria White - Editor of the Company Magazine (Who I was so eager to see)
Krista Madden - Founder of Hand picked media and blogger.
Susie Bubble - Fashion blogger
Sally - PR and Social media manager for OhMyLoveLondon
Rhiannon Ashlee - A lovely blogger and youtuber
& a lovely lady of a finder from boohoo.

All the lovely panel had lots of information for us, great tips and advice and filled us up with useful knowledge. Some new and some we already knew. They also told us a bit about them selves in the q&a session. After all that we all received a fab goodie bag!

We got an amazing goodie bag, my favourite thing being the beautiful Temperley Filofax Clutch bag which is actually worth £45 alone. Also i love the design of the batiste dry shampoo. The packaging is worth keeping itself even if the product is no good. Great healthy snacks, some leave in conditioner, a company magazine, ginger beer which i have never tried! Then some eye make up remover pads! What a lovely night we all had and a bargain for £25. I will defiantly be attending another one in the future. Also look for more bauty blogging events in Birmingham area as much as I love London its quite pricey when you add all the tickets up, shopping, fuel etc. But if needs be i would go to another London event.

Thank you so much Company Mgazine for an amazing event.

Me and my friend Jessica loved every minute.

After the event my lovely boyfriend was waiting for us at St.Albans station ready for th 2 hour drive home well it would have been if he didn't make a wrong turning bless him so we got home for half 12! A long but lovely night, was sad to be home again but nothing like your own big bed!

Thanks again Company for an awesome night.

Hope you enjoyed this post lovely readers be sure not to miss the next event they have coming up. As it's too good to miss out.

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