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Birdcage Jewlery Holder | Teacup & Saucer Bird feeder | 
Nude Bag | Sparkly Necklace | No7 Eye shadow palette

Hello lovelies, I have only picked five items and think I will through out my little gift guide offerings, I have only opted for five as I think lots and lots of bloggers will be doing gift guides. Obviously all our fabulous mums have different tastes, my mum is very much into her jewelry from Pandora to costume, No7 make up, gardening and fashion pieces so I put a bit of a mixture into that and put it into a gift guide, I hope she doesn't read this because a few will be going into my online shopping trolley soon. How bad is it that I haven't even started Christmas shopping? I am terrible for leaving everything last minute, but I do love a mad rush around the shops and getting last minute gifts and getting my partner merry so he buys me a few extras and I get them early aha, shh.

I adore the look of the jewelry holder and very tempted to buy one for myself too but I think my mum will love this, she likes vintage and will have somewhere to store all her earrings and bracelets. I think she will love the handbag too as she hasn't really got a big one and nude will go with everything. I know she will love the teacup bird feeders as she is always in the garden and these will be a beautiful addition to her garden, I am also tempted to get these two how cute are they? They are from the website 'not on the highstreet' this is such a great website for personalised gifts and gifts you wouldn't normally find anywhere else, I was going to do a gift guide solemnly on there behalf but I don't want to be making too many gift guides, I would highly recommend you checking them out though.

That necklace again I would be happy if I got this in my stocking, it is so stunning I am still a bit unsure if my mum would wear it though as she likes her Pandora necklace that is pretty dainty, I never really see my mum in statement necklaces but its in the sale at the moment on Dorothy Perkins so I might risk it and if she doesn't like it, well means I have to have it.. aha. Lastly on my little gift guide I have the No7 eye shadow palette, my mum loves No7 make up especially their eye shadows so would be a great addition to her collection, I love buying make up and I love that Boots do 3 for 2 on the gifts it makes everything so much easier and a little cheaper plus I get all the points for the Boxing day sales.

What I like to do for my mum or mother in law is put the presents in a pretty basket and decorate them beautifully and add little bits and bobs to wrapped presents to make it look festive and a bit more special and personal, how do you like to give your presents?

I also love searching through the gift guides no matter how many people do them, it gives me great inspiration and help as I am quite rubbish with presents, I love buying for women but men?! Just what do you by your old man or your partner, they are so hard to buy for so if you have got some gift guides up please, please comment me your links in the comments.

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