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Rimmel Salon Pro - Saturn £4.49

Hello lovelies, today I have for you a very different nail polish shade that I would never normally go for, but as I was in boots the other day I spotted the salon pro polishes and not owning one (I know shocker) I had to pick one up. This polish in the shade Saturn really grabbed by attention, it is like a dark olive/green shade, very autumnal I think with a gorgeous shimmer running through it. The brush applicator is quite wide which would be no good if you have dainty nails but I quite liked it, it made it very quick and easy to apply and they say this lasts up to ten days with no chips, we shall see about that. You could probably get away with one coat with this but I opted for two to make it extra opaque, although it's not a shade I would usually reach for I think its stunning and it went on my nails beautifully, I will definitely be getting some more of the salon pro polishes from Rimmel. 

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