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Hello lovelies, today I have for you my favorites of the previous month, I;m actually quite early to the party for once this time but don't think this will be a regular thing, I am sure next month I'll be late again, but read on if you want to see what I loved through out October. 

Benefit Majorette - I have worn this every day through out October, when I was wearing make up anyway, it is a cream to powder blusher that just smells amazing! Think peaches, pomegranetes, sweety and floral almost. You can use this as a blusher alone or as the perfect base for your usual blusher for extra oomft and flush but I always use this alone, it is the perfect shade for your cheeks to give it a really healthy glow and just makes you look radiant.

Philip Kingsley Daily damage defence - Again used all through out October every time I have washed my hair this has been sprayed vigorously through out my hair then brushed through with my tangle teezer, it has been keeping my hair healthy, knot free, smelling good and protecting it through heat products, if I have washed my hair on a night time I put all this through, brush it through then leave it in as a conditioner spray as it has got condition properties, but if I am using a heat tool the next day I give it another little spritz to make sure my hair is well protected. This product really is genius and has everything you need in one bottle, I would actually be confident in to say that I would happily through everything hair related in my hair care draw and just have this! It has been my hair saviour and this 60ml bottle is perfect for travelling with. After seeing how much I wrote about this product in my favorites I really should of done a solid review on its own, but there you go, you all need it in your life, trust me! I will be forever repurchasing this miracle hair spray, thank you Philip K.

Bobbi Brown Gel eye liner - This eye liner is fricken amazing, if you have read my post about the Bobbi Brown event I went to not long ago you would have seen that I wrote that I thought it would be impossible for me to use one of these gel eye liner pots but with the Bobbi Brown eye liner brush it is a dream to use and sooo easy! It literally glides on so smoothly and stays put for hours and hours with no smudges or anything. The key is to use confident sweeps rather than doing a little bit at a time which is where it usually goes wrong, you know when your line is just getting bigger and bigger and you just now look like you have a black eye, no one wants that. This is so simple, if I can do it you can! I have even put my trusty Maybelline Black shock gel eyeliner pen down and this has replaced it, its amazing.

Benefit It's potent eye cream - I am quite a bad blogger here, but I never actually used to use eye cream that much, I am getting better as I am coming up to 24 and I am getting worried about crows feet and any wrinkle really, I don't want to be addicted to botox so I need to keep on top of things. This eye cream has been so lovely to use, it sinks into the skin beautifully, the pot is adorable! Not a strong scent to it at all, I have noticed a difference in my dark eye bags, which has also been helped with lots of water and getting into a routine, no more late nights! But I have really enjoyed using this eye cream and will be thinking of repurchasing this in the near future.

Topshop Wicked - This has been the most perfect lip product for me through out autumn, the perfect berry lip toned lipstick which I have just adored, I have never had so many compliments from a lipstick and everyone saying how well suited to it I am and everyone asking me what it is. It stays put for hours, it doesn't smudge everywhere, it feels lovely on the lips and its is very opaque.

Nars Cruella - The only red lip product I have ever fallen madly deeply in love with, I think this deep cherry red really compliments my skin tone and brings out my eyes more strangely. It is such a stunning shade, it stays put through wind, rain, dancing, drinking, eating, you name it this lipstick could pull through it! I just love it, the only downfall is that it can latch on to your dry patches but if you keep those lips well looked after you wont have any problems with this little gem at all, its the best red ever!

If you have written about your October favorites be sure to link your's below x

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