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Hello lovelies, firstly huge apologies for the lack of posts, I had a weekend in Dublin with the other half as a birthday surprise bless him but ever since we got back, I have been so ill I am on the road to recovery now though and trying to get myself back in a routine, everything is just so hectic at the minute, but before I bore you with my life I thought today I would show you some pictures from the Guinness store house and what we liked about it.

When you first walk in its overwhelming how big the actual place is, it had about five floors and everything inside was fascinating, for someone who doesn't even drink Guinness or ale in fact It was enjoyable going around and finding out how it was all made right from the start. Dan's favorite bit was how they showed back in the day how they used to make the barrels to keep the Guinness in and I actually enjoyed watching it and it showed you all the tools they used, they must have been very fit!

Although I am pregnant I had a little sip of the Guinness in the taster room, they showed us how to taste Guinness properly, inhaling whilst taking a big sip of your drink, swill it all around your mouth then exhale to get the true taste, it was quite nice actually and was nothing like the Guinness I had tried at home before but I have heard that the quality can change from Dublin to England however true that is. I say Dan liked the barrel making the best but I am sure he liked getting two pints of Guinness to drink for obvious reasons I couldn't have one but I enjoyed pouring them, bought me back to my barmaid days I even attempted the shamrock and it looked pretty good. The views from the top of the Guinness store house were beautiful and after walking all around there for most of the day we were both pretty tired and headed back to the hotel for a power nap before exploring the night life. Over all though it was very informative and enjoyable and I would recommend anyone going if your going to Dublin anytime soon. 

Have you been in the Guinness store house before?

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