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Hello lovelies, on Saturday we had a lovely family day out, we started the morning by Dan taking Oscar for a good kick around at the park and feeding the ducks whilst I did all the house chores then we made our way to the Snow-dome in Tamworth, we couldn't wait to take Oscar tiny tubing for his first time and he absolutely loved it. Everyone who worked there said how adorable he is and it was so lovely to see his little face light up when he was sliding down the big snow slides, he kept shouting weeee. We had a good hour and a bit there playing in the snow, dragging him around the snow on sledges and they had a little snow park there too, we definitely need water proof bottoms next time Oscar had a wet snowy bum after a couple of falls bless him, once we got him all clean and dried we made our way out and looked for somewhere to eat, we didn't realise Tamworth now had a Nando's so we headed straight there and had the biggest chicken feast it was delicious! I had such a great day with my boys and we was all pretty worn out by the time we got home so we all snuggled up and watched Toy Story for the millionth time this year, Oscar loves it!

First Trimester - I'm not going to lie to you its been pretty sh*t, I have been nothing but sick and in agony through out the first three months. I got rushed into hospital a couple of weeks ago and sent to A&E after being in copious pain the night before I wanted to make sure everything was ok with the baby, after 8 hours in hospital everything was fine and I was just told it was a water infection and possible growing pains with it being my second it grows faster and I got to have an early scan to make sure baby bump was ok and he/she was all healthy and growing, was so lovely to see. Oscar has been so sweet since finding out I was pregnant, he has never been so affectionate, he keeps hugging and kissing my little bump and I am trying to make him understand a little more for whats to come for us all. I was really worried and scared when I first found out I was pregnant, it wasn't planned and a lot of issues spiraled through my mind but now I couldn't be happier and I can't wait to have two gorgeous baby's in my life to love unconditionally. I have now hit 13 weeks and the sickness is wearing off a bit so I am hoping it will be a lot better now, the sickness was really bad with Oscar for the first three months then I was fine but with this baby I have been going off a lot more things, my taste buds are completely different this time and next week I get to have another scan to make sure baby number 2 is ok and I will get back to you all. I didn't know whether to post about my pregnancy on here as it might bore some of you but he/she is apart of me and growing inside and this will be great to read back on. I wish I documented everything with Oscar but I will be doing  more mummy posts as they are a huge part of my life.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and would love to know what you got up to in the comments below x

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