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Hello lovelies, so today I thought I would tell you some of the things I detest when I go to soft play places, tongue and cheek, or is it aha. I'd love to know what you hate when you take your kids to soft play places.

1. When 10 year olds are swinging off things and look of their nuts on fruit shoots and just causing absolute havoc in the toddler area, you are ten mate get out of here.

2. Those parents who just sit there on their phones whilst their son/daughter is being a bully or a pain in the ass, it's ok Sandra you see if Clive has liked your post on Facebook or if anyones swiped you on Tinder whilst a little girl/boy is being terrorised.

3. When the snotty flued up kids are literally wiping their noses on every surface, mmm germs.

4.  The arcade sort of games they have in there, I pay about ten pound to get in the joint why have these in there?

5. The constant screaming, MOMMMMM. MAAAM. MUMMA, MUMMMYYYYY.

6. The coffee, you pay over the odds for it and it tastes vile, I am a coffee snob though.

7. The food, I'm no health wizard but it would be nice to have healthy options, microwave dinner anyone? Plus you can't take your own, I wouldn't go near lunch time if you're on a diet.

8. Home time, here comes the wails.

9. Other children, yes you're cute but I don't want a conversation with you, I want to sip my yucky coffee whilst I watch my own children run of some steam, thank you bye.

10. The seating, you best get there early or you will be standing there like a lemon for an hour and a half.


  1. I was nodding along to all of these!! The coffee really is so bad!


    1. Aha, isn't it just? Then I went to one last week and they had costa and it was rank and about 3 sips were in the cup?! #RIPOFF


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