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Hello lovelies so carrying on my 'Interview a blogger series' the first blogger of January is my blogger friend Dena, she is such a lovely lady and I've loved watching her blog grow through out 2016 and her social media and I'm sure she will grow even more this year! Go check this babe out.

1. Who are you and what is your blog? 
My name is Dena Jayne & my blog is www.denajayne.co.uk 

2. Name yourself in 3 words 
I'd describe myself as; crazy, confident, small. 

3. Name your blog in 3 words 
Mine, Honest, HardWork 

4. What made you become a blogger? 
I was jobless and on summer break at University - I had a passion of makeup/beauty and wanted to share that. 

5. What's made you most proud about your blog? 
People actually reading it and them telling me they've found my blog helpful.

6. What's your favourite thing about blogging? 
The people I've gotten close to thanks to it.

7. Name 3 of your favourite bloggers 

8. What product could you not live without? 
I think I'd have to say Shampoo, I can live without makeup, I cannot live without clean hair. 

9. Any tips for new bloggers? 
Make sure your blogging for the right reasons. 

10. Name 3 things that's inside you bag... 
My Blog Planner, Elizabeth Arden Skin Protector & My work ID badge... fun. 

11. What are you currently reading/watching right now? 
I've recently just restarted Gossip Girl although I am loving The Missing too! 

12. Favorite disney film? 
Lady & The Tramp. 

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