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Hello lovelies, second pet of the week is this gorgeous cat Goku who belongs to my friend Elise.


1. What is the name of your pet? Goku

2.What is Goku's favourite thing to do? His favourite thing to do is eat and lie by my daughter Imogen.

3. What is Goku's favourite treat? Goku's favourite treat is bread and butter! Not by my choice, he steals Imogen's.

4. What do you love doing with Goku most? I actually love it when he wakes me up in the morning by pawing me to tell me it's breakfast time.

5. What made you give the name Goku? Goku got the name from my 18month old and her dad who thinks every thing should be called Goku after his favourite anime cartoon.

6. What's the thing you love most about Goku? My favourite thing that Goku does is lie on me, every second of every day he spends lying on my lap.

7. Has Goku got a funny story or even a bad one? Well sadly my daughter is quite rough with Goku and has been caught dragging him around by his tail, Goku however just lets it happen and the minute Imogen falls asleep Goku will lie on her feet, he loves her really.

8. Can Goku do any tricks? He can jump in the food cupboard.

9. If you could give Goku anything what would it be? A self serving food bowl.

10. Some facts about Goku? We picked Goku up from someone who's daughter was allergic and now he eats me out of house and home, he's not quite one yet but he is massive, a real greedy bum.

Well I love Goku's name! Very unique and love how on his picture you can see he does love laying on Elise's lap. I find it quite rare to see cat's that love attention but have found male cats to me more affectionate than the females, only speaking from my perspective obviously. Thanks Elsie for sharing Goku, he looks really snuggly.

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