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Hello lovelies, so me and Dan were very kindly sent a Tangle Teezer each I am so glad as Dan kept robbing my old one all the time so now I don't have to share. He also loves the fact his brush is a bit more 'manly' now. 

I'll start of with Dan's Mens compact groomer £12.50* - It's a stunning metallic finish detangling brush that Dan has been using on his hair and beard! Dan has loved using it, he said it's much easier on his hair, it doesn't pull even when his hair is wet and very bedraggled. He likes the fact its compact to stick in his wash bag to take away with him and that the cover protects the bristles also as his old well my old brush the bristles went dodgy after a while so there will be none of this with his new one. 

How gorgeous is my Compact Style designed by Lu Lu Guinness £13.50* - I adore the look of my new detangling brush, the monochrome and the lips, it's very me but if this isn't your cup of tea Tangle Teezer have a huge range of styles, the have hello kitty, another design by Lu Lu, leopard print, shaun the sheep and bold colours so one for everyone. I love the size of the brush, its much easier to grasp and brush through my hair. 

I have noticed a huge difference in my hair, my hair doesn't fall out as much with this brush, it leaves my hair feeling unbelievably soft and makes it look so glossy and healthy when I brush it dry. I also obviously love the fact it has a cover for the bristles, it means I can chuck it in my handbag and know it won't get too much of a bashing. The size of the brush makes it very easy to be on the go for anytime. The brush being the size it is is also handy for giving it a good back comb near the roots to create even more volume, you can really get in there. 

Do you own any Tangle Teezer brushes?


  1. His & hers Tangle Teezers, so cute. I've never actually tried the tangle teszer for myself, but I do have The Wet Brush & that works really well for my hair xx
    Lauren Catherine

  2. So cool that they now do ones for men! I love the design of yours xx

  3. I tried one of these but it didn't work on my hair as my hair is just too thick. Such a shame.

    Emmy | www.EmmysBeautyCave.com

  4. Ooh I love the idea of his and hers! And I love that lulu guiness design too!

  5. I love tangle teasers, i actually could.do with a new one so I'll have a look for these!!

  6. Oh wow a men's one! I'm going to have to get Maz this as he keeps on pinching mine.

    Great post!

    Charlotte xo


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