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Brio Railway Starter Set Pack £39.99*
Brio Starter Track Pack £17.99*

Hello lovelies, so the boys were very lucky to receive more goodies from Brio, we have reviewed Brio in the past you can check out our review of the farm tractor set here. This review is all about the Railway starter set pack and the starter track pack that goes alongside it.

Although they age range this set at 3+ I think this is great for fine motor skills, Lawson loves handling little items and fixing things together, he is getting more into jigsaws and definitely train tracks, he loves trying to fix the pieces together and can do a lot of it now. Oscar is four and he loves building a full circuit, he also loves a challenge. This set has everything you need for a little train set track complete with a tunnel, the boys loved this feature. 

As you can see Lawson pushing the train through the tunnel, the B section to the track just make it a bit more optional, you can get a bigger track, more options and enjoy it more. I am a huge fan of the Brio range, they are built very sturdy and last such long time, we have had previous train tracks in the past that have been very flimsy, these are strong and built to last. They have been creating products since the 1800s so I think they know more than enough what they are doing.

My boys could play for ours with their trains and when their girl and boyfriends come round they all love joining in, we usually get all the tracks we can find to build a huge track and make stories up, a bit of role play with the characters that come with this track and the train driver of course. The train was lovely that it came with, a three piece train which meant I could pull a piece of so they could share it. One of them pretended to be the delivery train whilst the other was picking up the passengers. I'm not the best at building the tracks but I have fun and the best part is the instructions come with it so I managed to make an eight sign with the tunnel and the kids had lots of fun with it. 

You may think it's a little pricey for what it is but the attention to detail on the extra parts and how sturdy the track is I think its more than worth it. The boxes are handy too so you can keep all your track in there and ship them of to the family if they are babysitting for a few hours there are no excuses of boredom with these, I don't think it matters what age you are, you're never too old to play with the train tracks. 

Brio's products are so colourful and bright which make them perfect toys for children of all ages, what I love about their site actually is they categorise their toys to the childs age which makes it a lot easier for you or friends and family if they are stuck on presents to know whats best for the child development at that certain time and also goes on to say what the child will be doing in that age frame. I also love the feature they have of all the old toys they made, its lovely to see. You can't beat wooden toys, wooden toys are my favourite, they last for ages and very nostalgic.  You can see all this and a lot more on their website here


  1. Omg wooden toys are my favourite kind, they're so tb but I love them xx
    Lauren Catherine

  2. Omg this looks so traditional and well made! They look thrilled bless them xx

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