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Hello lovelies, it's been a while since I've done a post like this. So today I just thought I would do a round up of my January, I failed at most things I wanted to pursue in January not going to lie it was more of a practise month for me, anyone else? 

It has been SO cold and the mornings were super dark which meant it was really difficult to get out of my nice warm cosy bed and once I went outside and got back in again I was straight into my comfies again, 'PJ day again mummy?' Yes boy! 

We did have a few very cold winter walks, we wrapped up well and explored the chase, the local park and my favourite down the Wolseley garden centre, I love it down there as they have loads of different spots, you can watch the birds, the fish, insects and just nature as a whole and the kids also love it down there. 

I have been watching minimalism videos on Youtube but before this I was starting to 'purge' a term seen on youtube my items in every room that I no longer needed to create a more zen in the room, I am quite a tidy organised person anyway but I am also a hoarder at the same time so it was time to give rooms a thoroughly good clean, I haven't quite finished yet but I've been doing a really good job.  I've bought my dream vintage dresser finally so I'm going to be doing that up and organising my make up collection a bit better, I'm looking forward to that. One thing I did find on my good clear out was my Nintendo from 2010 I think I got it for a christmas present and I looked through the photos and you can see one of me and Dan above one year into our seven year relationship, how cute! Now Oscar is loving it especially Super Mario, Oscar and his dad are enjoying racing games on there and its also a bit nostalgic for me also.

We've been having lots of film days in January as I mentioned above PJ days and it being so cold there is nothing better than wrapping up in the blankets, getting the popcorn and watching good films, Trolls has been a huge favourite. We have also been playing lots of games too though, Oscar is amazing at memory games, you can't beat him at that I swear, Lawson is getting better with his jigsaws and building tracks and they both love their cars so we have built racing tracks in the living room and getting their toot toot drivers out, we've even attempted to make a paper mache dinosaur!

I finally got a job outside my house! I now work in the cutest little tea shop in town, I treated the boys to an afternoon of ta and cake at the start of this week due to Oscar having an amazing parents evening from his teacher, she said he is a very bright child and popular with an amazing imagination, he is sweet and very kind and caring and loves having him around he can just be a bit loud at times (welcome to my world). That made me super proud so I had to treat them both and get Lawson a well over due hair cut.  

I have been trying a little harder on my blog and social media, trying not to neglect it so much and have more time, I have new series on 'Friday film night' and 'pet of the week' I've really been enjoying. I'm reading more and have been loving Apple tree yard on the tv! I'm not much of a tv person but my mother in law got me into it, I do need something new to watch on Netflix if anyone had any recommendations though? Dan works away in the week so blogging and Netflix is pretty much my life after 7pm, me and Dan have been very much more in love recently though, lots of date nights and spontaneous trips, better sex life?! Hello! You know how it is when you've been together a long time, the spark is definitely alive at the moment though and we are also starting to finally get wedding plans together.

I failed at saving any decent money this month, I've threw bits of change in my '365 days of saving' tin but other than that I keep spending money like I'm a millionaire and I haven't stuck to slimming world what so ever but I have been using this DVD I got sent which is amazing and perfect for me, if you're anything like me and very unfit and don't like exercising in the slightest you may like this just as much as I did as it is great for beginners but also great if your an expert in this field.

I would be lying if I said I did the whole 30 days in January, I was very ill for the first week of January and quite ill near the end but what I did do of the DVD I enjoyed it and will definitely try and focus on doing a full 30 days and see the results with eating healthy and drinking more water. We don't have to start new years resolutions in January do we? Well done if you completed dry January though. 

This DVD comes in 3 levels, the first level was fairly easy and like I said above perfect if you're a beginner at this sort of thing but there are three personal trainers at all different levels through out the workout so you can pick which one is perfect for your expertise. This DVD is designed to get your body into shape quickly but effectively, callanetics is a series of stretching and contracting exercises that activate the body's largest muscle groups, using tiny, gently, precise movements called pulses, those pulses move deep into the body muscles to give you a strong and firm body without adding bulk. This is exactly what I was after and this DVD says it helps you on your way to getting that more leaner beautiful body in just 30 days. I will get back to you all when I do a full 30 days with measurements and maybe show you all what I've been eating also, I don't know wether to stick at slimming world 100% or try Joe Wicks lena in 15 book or switch between the two and just cut out all the junk food I love so much. Exercise was  big struggle for me but I have really been enjoying this DVD and means I can work out from the comfort of my own home without going out in the cold and dark of an evening. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to start getting into shape especially parents or people who can't get out much this DVD is perfect for a quick warm up before work or after work/ a long day or when you have a spare moment. 

How was your January? Have you been sticking to your new years resolutions or winging it?


  1. Congratulations on your new job, and also well done to your little ones for the great parents evening.

    That workout DVD looks Interesting too! I need to get back on some exercise. Ever since my operation, I've just didn't do anything - I wasn't allowed for 6 weeks but now there is no excuse. Ha!

    My January has gone so fast it's a blur! Mainly working and sleeping, I need something exciting to happen now!

    Charlotte xo

  2. Congratulations on your job lovely, what an amazing place to work! Well done on the purging too, it's so hard to say goodbye to stuff when you're a hoarder haha xx

  3. Congratulations on your new job! I am exactly the same, I am a tidy person but I hoarder everything. I might try the minimalist thing.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  4. Congrats on the new job! I've been in a relationship for 7 years and it's true sometimes the spark can Dull down but it's good when it comes back haha

    Emmy | www.EmmysBeautyCave.com

  5. Congrats on the new job girl, you've made me want to look into minimalism. I'm such a horder, it's not even normal lol
    Lauren Catherine

  6. Wow, what a January for you!! Congrats on the new job, it sounds lovely! I too am looking at the whole minimalism thing as i have wayyyy to much junk,I hope after a sort out it will be clear house & clear mind!!
    My January wasn't great tbh, but looking more positive for February! Got a few things to look forward to :)
    Lovely post and look forward to reading about your February!! Zx


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