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Hello lovelies, so last week I was very lucky enough to review Decorus beauty therapy which is ran by Jodie Hardiman, I never would of knew about this little beauty though until I was a hair model for my brothers girlfriend Kennedy who is currently training in Francesco hair salon in Rugeley. 

I'll be completely honest, whenever I have walked past Francesco's in Rugeley it's never looked inviting, no friendly smiling faces from the outside and a lot of my friends and family have said the same, it seemed very hostile but after being a hair model for the day I felt completely at ease and everyone was very friendly inside so I couldn't of been any more wrong! I then met Jodie who was also being a hair model at the time and we talked for ages sharing our love of make up and she got on to telling me all about her beauty career. I was very intrigued and offered to do a blog review on her expertise and to share with the local folk who may read my blog because I'm sure a lot of people never knew about it, we had all been missing out! I've never loved my brows so much...

Please ignore my very scary eyes haha, my serious face! But look at the difference, my natural hair is very fair as you can tell by my before brows, look how defined Jodie has made them with a wax and tint. They look HD without the hefty price tag this would only cost you £12! A lot of people these days are charging way over £25 for brows that look like this, an absolute steal which is what Jodie does, she uses high end products for high street prices so its affordable for all ages whether it's date night, you're going out with the girls or you just want amazing brows. I am never going any where else for my brows ever again, I could of kissed Jodie when I got up and looked in the mirror there were no stray hairs like other places I've tried before that I've had to fix when I got home, no discomfort at all and for once for the first time ever I actually haven' come out in spots this time and I have always come out in spots from other places. The best thing about a wax and tint is I can actually have that extra ten minutes in bed for the first few days as they look that good I don't need to add make up to them. Whilst I was there I also got my nails done...

Jodie uses the Halo Gel nail polishes, I went for a nude with a sparkly accent nail as it's my favourite, she really took her time on my manicure, pushed down my cuticles and got rid of all the dry skin around my nail bed and finished of the manicure with an amazing hand massage. She really does put a lot of hard work and effort into her work and you can tell, she is also wanting to push her make up artist expertise on people so I will be reviewing a makeover soon and I'm sure you will all want to book in with her pronto, you only have to look at Jodies Instagram to see she is amazing at what she does, look at those brows and make up pictures, she is a very beautiful girl who puts a lot of pride into her work and makes you feel very comfortable and talkative in a very friendly manner. I would highly recommend Jodie to anyone, I can promise you that you won't be disappointed with her.

Here is a little more about Jodie and a few pictures of her beauty area and room -

I have always been interested in beauty from a child, I've been doing peoples hair and makeup since I was about 13, I started doing family and friends eyebrows. I trained privately in Birmingham with a company called the training room, I did a 12 week intensive course level two and three started at the start of April qualified by the end of June. I wanted a career in something I enjoyed, something where I could grow. I am really happy with my progress, after I qualified two weeks later I had an interview at St. George's park working within the spa as a therapist, I trained with Elemis, I worked there from the start of August to the start of January then I started my business in November.
My working hours in Decorus Beauty based in Francesco's is Wednesdays 10-5:30 Thursday 10-8 Friday 10-7 Saturday 9-4:30 I also do mobile wedding packages, prom and other special occasions, Pamper parties ect. If you quote PAIGE'S PREFERENCES you get 10% discount.

Here is some of her work that I have pinched of her Instagram all links to her website and social media will be down at the bottom, if you're from the local area of Rugeley and wanting to book with Jodie contact her through her Facebook page or call 01889 585881, you will find all her prices and treatments on her website linked below.  Thank you so much Jodie for having me and re storing my faith in eyebrow technicians haha, I will look forward to seeing you again soon!

Decorus Facebook page                           Decorus Website                             Decorus Instagram


  1. Your eyebrows look ammmmazig


  2. Wow she's so talented!!! Your brows look incredible xx

  3. Your brows look amazing Paige, brow envy rn xx
    Lauren Catherine

    1. Haha thanks babe, she's amazing, I'm never going anywhere else again x

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    1. Thank you lovely, I love my nudes, I know. I may treat myself to the extensions soon! xx


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