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Hello lovelies, recently I was very kindly sent a ton of iMPress nails who are in a collaboration with Kiss, they have teamed up to make the perfect salon at home experience.

If you're anything like me where you get bored easily of colour, hence my forever dying hair, make up choices etc but mainly my nail polish! When I used to get my nails profesionally done it would kill me to have the same colour for about three weeks but too expensive to keep changing it up, also getting my nails done regularly really took its toll on my nails and ruined them, a year free from getting my nails done and they are in much better condition so I just painted them myself, being a mum though I rarely had time to paint my nails and drying time, with these iMPress nails there is no waiting around!

I can now switch my look in minutes, I can do it whilst the kids are eating their lunch, watching a film or just playing around. All you have to do it is take of the sticky backing, press it onto your ail firmly for a few seconds and ta dah you have a perfect manicure in minutes. No chemicals or bad smells like you get at the nail salons, you can get in your pjs make up free and do it yourself.

It isn't going to be all rainbows and butterflies though, I don't think these last a week like they claim, one set lasted not even a day but the other one I tried below lasted a good five days! At the end of the day though I wash up a lot, I'm a mother so I'm always cleaning, changing bums etc. If you just worked in an office and don't get your hands dirty or in water a lot they could well last you a week but not so much for me, it didn't bother me as much as I like to put them on just to look nice if I'm going somewhere nice, a weekend maybe or a party. These are perfect for a weekend away or special occasions as they come in so many designs.

If you did want the nails to last you a little longer you could always put a dab of glue on them first, I'm going to try that next time and get back to you with this results.

I fell in love with these navy nails and the gorgeous glitter accent, I love a bit of glitter so all the packs that have glitter in will be at the top of my list. It's funny how the deep burgundy nails have waterproof on the packaging lasted me not even a full day but the navy and glitter ones that don't have that on the packaging lasted me just over five days. I love the metallic finish it has to it when the sun hits it and everyone complimented my nails when I went out last Saturday and asked where I went! I was tempted to keep it hush but then said no you need to go out and get some of these nails how good are they? 

If longevity isn't a strong point for you and you are always switching your nail polish I think you would love these, they have a style to fit everyone, someone luckily one three packs of these on my Twitter the other day and they are over the moon to receive them, it was a popular giveaway. I'd never tried the stick on nails before and was impressed with them, see what I did there. I personally couldn't wear them to work as I work with food and wash up the crockery but I will be using these for my weekend adventures and special occasions definitely. 

Have you tried iMPress nails before?


  1. I can't believe how far nails have come! These don't look fake at all, they're gorgeous xx

  2. I can never be annoyed with fake nails, the main reason being I've really tiny hands. They never actually fit my nails lol. But all of these look so pretty xx

    Lauren Catherine


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