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Hello lovelies, my second #FNFN If you have a favourite movie you would love to review on my blog then get in touch with me, it might be something I've never watched before and I love my films! I also have Dan's top five films coming up on the blog soon too, but with out further a do I thought I would feature my sons current favourite film Trolls!

Trolls 2016 (Trailer)-

So Trolls is a film all about these mean Bergens who aren't happy unless they eat trolls, trolls are the happiest people around, they hug, sing and dance a lot! Apart from Branch but he has his reasons, Poppy the most popular troll has to save all of her friends from the Bergens before they all get eaten, its a huge sing a long adventure. 

It's very bright and colourful, the songs are really catchy and it actually makes you want to get of the sofa to sing and dance along, well I do every time we watch it anyway. The Justin Timberlake song is currently glued into my brain, my four year old will not stop singing it. We've also watched Trolls at least 10 times now and it still hasn't bored me, there are bits in there that are really funny, trust my son to like the creepy troll, he says "What about staring at your parents while they sleep". Why would my four year old remember that line haha, I can't remember that troll but my favourite troll is Mr.Diamond, you can't miss him he is super sparkly. 

It's got to be one of the best family films and I bet Disney are kicking themselves they didn't bag a film like this, I'm more of a Disney lover than Dreamworks, personal preference but Dreamworks are killing it lately. All of us in our family love this film, its a really good film at making you feel happier and getting you up on your feet, it doesn't matter if you can't sing or dance you will 100% want to join in. 

There are some great actors and actresses involved until I read the IMDb it was bugging me so much as well there is a lovely troll in the film called Bridget and I couldn't think who the actress voice was and of course it the lovely Zooey Deschanel , Poppy is Anna Kendrick and Branch is played by Justin Timberlake but you will hear some more familiar voices, Russel Brand, James Corden, Gwen Steffani, John Cleese and more.

I would highly recommend watching this film, a fabulous family film but even if you haven't got children put this film on and you will be in a much better mood afterwards I promise you.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Ah it sounds so cute!!! Ten times?! That's amazing haha, I still need to watch it xx

  2. I love watching kids films haha this sounds so good.

    Emmy | www.EmmysBeautyCave.com

  3. I haven't seen this but I think my toddler would love it!

  4. I love this review! It's so different and I definitely want to watch the movie now.

    Love Charlotte xo

  5. Oh sounds cute and like a perfect Sunday afternoon film.


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