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A walk in the forest that lead to blood,sweat and tears.

Hello lovelies, so today I thought I would share with you how my gorgeous angel faced boys turned into feral fuckers aka terrible twos aka demonic children. Both of my boys were absolute angel babies, they slept all the way through luckily they still do, got to give them that. They were so quiet just general all around amazing people. When they hit 18 months WOAH what happened? Which demon came in their head at night and changed them? Bring them back, please. 

  • They chuck EVERYTHING, food, clothes, remotes, toys, you name it, duck.
  • They run away, this photo above was because I wanted to get back to the car as it was freezing out side, he ran away about 4 times until he gave up and just lay there.
  • They don't want to stop in the pushchair now no, which then leads to the one above.
  • Patience? What's that to a tiny human, I want it NOW mum.
  • The only way of communicating with you is screaming.
  • No more cuddles, the worst. Cherish your newborns and one year olds for all the cuddles.
  • Temper tantrums on the daily, no you can't have the garlic bread out the fridge for breakfast or ten yoghurt sticks, WAHHH WHYYY. 

Have I missed anything?
They are great children still obviously, I am very lucky but they have demonic moments.

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