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Hello lovelies, welcome to my new feature on my blog 'Friday night film night', I've wanted to do film reviews for so long on my blog but always put it of incase I ruined the whole film for people or just didn't make sense, but I thought no my blog my rules just do it, so here I am. This weeks film review is on BAD MOMS.

Bad Moms 2016 (Trailer)-

So Mila Kunis is killing it being a milf along side Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, I love these females in most films I've seen them in and they rocked it in this, it was actually good to see Kristen Bell in something a bit 'loose'. So its a film about unappreciated moms, you know the score if you're a mom. You can relate to this film on so many levels, nodding your head at it but also laughing your head of it, I laughed so much at this film all the way through. Even if you aren't a parent I think you will love it and probably think how much of a dick was I to my mum when I was a child and didn't appreciate everything. I mean Mila Kunis is perfectly pruned through out, she works part time but is always doing the kids a healthy breakfast and organic lunches for school and she always looks gleaming, how does she do it? I fail to brush my hair for the school run some times and she thinks she's bad.

Also shows you being a mother all the sorts of moms you see at the school run, the 'perfect mums' vs the not so perfect mums and no matter how hard you try being perfect it's never going to work.

There is also a dilf in the film Jay Hernandez and David Walton if he's more your cup of tea but his role in the film just made him even more unattractive for me, a mans attitude really makes them unfanciable to me but you will see what I mean when you watch the film, it was cringey to watch at times I just wanted to slap him. Mila finds him cheating online and gets rebellious with her side chicks Kristen and the rebellious of all Kathryn, they fuck shit up in the supermarket and drink a lot of wine.

It's basically about mums loosing their shit about trying to be perfect all the time and finally dealing with the fact that they are in fact bad moms and Mila Kunis wants to knock the perfect mum Christina Applegate of the PTA and compete for it herself, best man wins!

I laughed pretty much all the way through it and would definitely recommend a group of mum friends getting together with snacks and watching this together, we all have mums have felt like failures at least once and this film actually uplifts you, we are all doing our damn best, as long as our children are fed and loved how hard can it be right?

I give this 4 out of 5 stars.  


  1. i loved the movie too. your movie board is so cute ♡

  2. I need to see this! I love the idea of making time for movie nights.

    http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk - Amy

    1. It's SO funny! I loved it, well my fiance works away monday to frdiay afternoon so we make sure we have a movie night once a week, whether it be the cinema or at home :) xx


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